Sunday, February 16, 2020


From a field near Yakima, WA. Many seasonal fresh fruit and vegetable stands.

From the Cradle of Humankind, SA 2007

 From the Cradle of Humankind, SA 2007


Trucks and trailers in the queue for loading on a ferry to Newfoundland. 


Her pointing to our destination Dallas, from the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Front lawn and view from one of our overnight B & B's en-route to Newfoundland, 2008. 



A recent visit with relatives, about stocking up, caused us to go to our canned good shelf. We picked out a jar of canned ham (5 years old) and a jar of home-made zucchini relish (2 years old).

Canned goods; good or bad?

The canned ham had a wonderful smoky flavor. I ate a small bowlful as opened.

Her mixed some mayonnaise and relish and I ate a small portion of that, too.

This one jar of ham would feed 4 people, more if rice/beans/pasta were added for filler. 

We canned the ham years ago, put it on the shelf and had forgotten about it. See from the dust on the top of the lids. 

So what? Putting in preps like this is worth its weight in gold should we need to resort to that. 

Grandma's shelves in her basement and upstairs pantry were always full of home canned meats and vegetables from the garden. She used most all of it feeding family and friends through out the seasons.

Grandma canned because of the lack of refrigeration. A way of life she was brought up in, taught by her elders and she continued through out her life. She passed this down through generations and, to this day, her knowledge and lessons, feeds her extended families.

So? Learning to can foods that will store a few good years ensures some quality eats when the lights go out. 


A morning read of blogs earlier this week put me into tears of laughter. Some of the folks who make memes are very clever and play well on public gaffs made by some of our politicians. I think it is the face of the golden retriever in this meme that put me into uncontrollable laughter. 

And it was good.


Repeating radio signal from 500 million light years away. Apparently, a galaxy far far away. Surprisingly, nobody knows why. 

I am not surprised as I cannot even fathom a 500 million light year distance. Oh, that is just 3000 trillion miles.

My personal belief is that we are not alone. Probably never have been. 
regardless, this story does stir thought.

No, I did not read this either. Just the first paragraph. If 3000 Trillion miles hurts my brain, this technological data assembled by the listed authors is at least worth a scan and ought to impress that human minds actually understand all of this. 

My next question is what does the signal say? Is there a message? Why repeat any kind of signal if there is no message. Or is the repeating of the same signal over and over the message? Because they can?


Mid-week and candidates have moved on on. The airport is empty and final days of local media tilling local political soil. What to do when the only game in town moves on and out?

Look, snow storm coming and fracking cold weather!



The corona virus has a name now and more and more headlines. Be afraid? Troubling? Truth?  I have no idea what to believe. 

But, I am washing my hands more often. Getting close to it becoming a habit.

Lots of headlines now. Worth the time to keep up on this from all sources. Also, if there is a close friend in the medical field, talk with them. They tend to be more matter of fact and most likely will mirror the basics of hand washing and staying away from crowds.





Fried eggs in bacon grease. 

As good a place to depart this week as any. Zero degrees outside, bacon and eggs for breakfast and the wood stove is full. 

Thanks for the visit. Stock up and plan.


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