Tuesday, December 3, 2019


5 MINUTE ARTISAN ROLLS (an example. Look at other similar recipes.)


SUNRISE SUNDAY: "red sky in the morning, sailors take warning."

Ten to twenty inches of snow starting later this afternoon. A three-day event so this sunrise holds true to the old saying of sunsets and sunrises. 

Photo taken handheld and stabilized against a porch post 1/8 of a second. No time to set up tripod. This aspiring photographer should have seen this sun rise coming!!

Herman watching my wife eat lunch. High hopes!

Brick pile still life. Depth of field practice.

 Brick pile still life. Depth of field practice.

Sunday sanded driveway

Monday driveway with 7" fresh snow. Divots on the snow surface show sand and salt melting snow on the surface of the driveway. Snow blower takes the fallen snow down to the driveway surface and permanently removed to the far sides of the driveway. More important, the pre-sanding provides traction for driving back up.


Christmas ball and wreath
 Temporary rope knotted to tree trunk

Canon 7D practice in manual mode with auto ISO. 

These photos were taken on the last snowless day this year, 2019.

The anticipation of our first official snow fall is over and winter has set in. The waves of winter have touched many a state and community this past week altering daily routines coping with snow and ice.

Woodfires set for the coming months, weekly soups steeping and we start this winter course. 

It is said that "change is constant" and not working nor worrying about the winter months in our older years is changing our tack. How do we better navigate the years ahead? 

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