Friday, November 29, 2019


Who's a good boy?

We are baby sitting Herman over this Thanksgiving holiday. Son and fiancee are across the country visiting other family. We volunteered for this duty. A chance to have "a good boy" in the home for a few days is a big treat for us. 

My wife is prepping the dressing a few days before Thanksgiving and Herman is tuned into every movement knowing that any time a snack could just appear.



The first bread my wife and I have had in 7 months. We have been 99% true to our diet, but prepping the day before Thanksgiving; home made rolls, pumpkin pie, from scratch dressing, brings with it the mandate to taste test. The above roll passed with flying colors. Yes, of course, there was a second roll!




I often think that I need to go "somewhere" to practice picture taking. Better photography practice. Not really. 

Good practice is learning how to see photographs and learn how to bring visual interest to the simple things. Can I find those things in my back yard and practice some of what I have been studying and learning? Can I use my camera beyond the automatic settings?

The Canon 7D is a marvelous camera and I have barely scratched the surface in its use. YouTube is a wonderful learning source and a few of the photographers I have been watching are good instructors. Time well spent.

The photos in this blog are an example of a long-time picture taker working on becoming a better photographer. Also still learning work in post production and posting. 

Working with a tripod, manual settings, auto ISO and aperture adjustments for depth of field this past week.

A good photo will hold a viewer's interest and a few moments. A picture will be glanced and passed over.


Just two of us this Thanksgiving. A smaller bird and not as many side dishes. No house to clean for guests, spending the day in our lounging clothes. Keeping a wood stove on warm but still as excited for all the goodness of eats in the annual Thanksgiving meal. Leftovers will play as well as the main meal. 

A quiet prayer said, thanks given and a counting of our blessings.

Thanks for the visit this holiday.




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