Sunday, December 29, 2019


Quiet Christmas this year. My wife and I exchanged gifts early. We each decided to get the other something we each wanted and forego the little do-dads; although fun to open, do-dads collect on shelves and flat surfaces forever.

Christmas cards Christmas morning along with seasonal Swedish Pancakes. 

A prime rib was put on the cook and then transported to son and fiancee's home for Christmas day dinner and gift exchanges. 

We also pre-agreed with son that no big money gifts this season. Just simple things. Surprisingly, that worked wonderfully.

Books, some cooking ware, family memorabilia.

Son received his grandfather's Bristol Bay gill netting boat compass from the late 1920's. Just as it was passed down to me.  Now a grown man, he fits the male family history profile like a glove. A good man, a better man, a doer and a builder.

Herman, their golden retriever circled the dinner table. Of course, he picked up a legal scrap or two.

A Christmas in the books now and one to remember.


I am guessing that this photo was taken in 1948/49.

Several boxes of old photos teach me that both my mother and father had an eye for good photography and enjoyed recording family history. 

I never paid attention to any of this before, but this photo of my mother and me teaches me that dad had an eye for a good photograph over just a picture.  

It is very possible that my interest in photography was inherited. For so many years, I thought I came upon this interest all by myself, starting when I entered the Army in 1966. 

Although the photo is 70+ years old and has been stored for as many years, the quality is remarkable. 

Parents never ever stop teaching. Never!!

My mother, on the left, and her sister posed with this old man carving while vacationing near Crater Lake. They, too were younger once with senses of humor and love of travel. September 1966.

This photo taken in 1947+/- and shows me sitting in the cab of a "short log" truck my dad drove. I think my right hand was on the stick shift. 

Notice the mechanical arm that worked as a left turn signal. New technology then. The driver would pull a lever that pulled the arm up and out straight indicating the driver's intentions to turn. It could easily be seen from behind. They were yellow in color and had round reflective stickers on the front and back.

Sunset somewhere in the San Juan Islands many years ago.


If life is lived in moments,
those I cherish most,
I've lived with you.


It looks like the new year will come in with snow/ice accumulation. Enough to shovel and plow, and enough where we have to head to the store for extra bread and milk. The wood box is full and winter returns.

All that is the holiday season is winding down. Get-togethers with friends have been wonderful. Relaxing days with soups on the stove and the woodstove on high to keep the home a comfy 70 degrees.

I notice again many articles popping up re-visiting the top stories of this past year; but I have little interest in re-visiting any old news and especially media news stories. It, too, is in the history books. As for "the after", I/we are looking to 2020 as an historic year of years . I believe all of us will be "touched" by national and worldly turns of events. 

I thank you again for the visit and hope you return in the new year and take a moment to share this site with others. We are not setting the world on fire nor are we burning it down. We are living life like you and will continue to share simple things of interest, opinion and improving photography. 

Heads up and plan ahead for you and yours. 

Happy New Year.

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