Sunday, December 8, 2019


Current camera of choice. Traded in 50D body for 7D three years ago.  This camera has become a "throw and go" and is with me all the time.

"Red sky at night, sailors delight"

The opportunity for this evening photo, after the storm sunsetting, lasted just a few moments.


1955 Copper Art Embossing.



 Eighteen years ago: Danville, NH.

52 years ago, posing with a 2.75" folding fin rocket in Vietnam, 2/20 ARA, 1st Air Cav Division.  

Vietnam Movie 1967.


In the scheme of all things winter, two degrees this morning is of no never mind. But for us, it is the lowest temperature so far this season. The wood fire is on high and two RYOBI fans are helping move the heat from the stove back into the office. The house is slowly coming up to comfortable. 

Small dinner gathering last night with friends at their house. Our hostess prepared an outstanding dinner. Lasagna, meatballs, ham and salads. I have been obsessing over not being able to eat lasagna for the past 7 months and that meal yesterday was a big treat for the little kid in me. 

Conversations around the dinner table lasted for several very relaxed hours; no politics and no cell phones. Every one told stories and there was laughter. Yep, laughter. How refreshing?

Thanks for the visit this week. 

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