Monday, October 8, 2018



Given the inside of our garage and a good portion of the inside of the house is currently a mess with clean out, these mums are a nice distraction this week. 

Best laid plans to take a truck and trailer full of years old storage stuff to a local flea market were put on hold due to my back going out. X-rays show things ok, but must have been irritation and swelling. Better now, but what to do with all of the stuff out and about that we have sworn not to put back any of it on shelves or flat spots. 

An upside of all of this clean out is finding things we have always wondered what happened to them, or in my case finding two older weapons grade camera cases that contain filters, lens doubler and an assortment of other photography items. Since I have only changed the Canon camera body all of these sill fit and work. 

(A couple) Old winter jackets and shirts, long ago put away and forgotten, are now in the wash for this winter.  Other than this, cleaning out old home stored boxes of stuff is not fun. Especially boxes and boxes that have piled up over a decade. 


I did not publish...

...last week and failed to keep my weekly blog up date. Trying to come up with anything relevant or fun felt contrived and work. I had nothing and went with that. 

I longed for a warm pastry treat with cinnamon, frosting and warm melted butter last night. It was too late to bake something, but putting that in today's day loop, was in order. 

Now before me are two slices of Banana Bread, with melting butter and a cup of lukewarm coffee. All is just fine.



Three to be exact. A good friend sent this photo to my wife via FB and she sent it to me to share here. The wife makes funny puckery faces about this photo. 

So I called my friend and he says he has been doing this all of this life. He plinked a couple big ones out back and his neighbor brought an extra one over for the BBQ. He says they make squirrel subs, cook in bbq sauce, add a lot of liquid garlic and so forth. Apparently squirrels taste like the dark meat on duck. A little chewy he said, not a fat chewy, more a lean chewy. Chewy is not a word that I use in describing foods of choice. Other long time New Englanders also talk of cooking squirrels. I have never paid close attention as squirrel does not sound good. 

But this photo and recent conversation is a great fit for a blog about "the after." Our friend has a nonchalant skill of hunting and cooking squirrels. I could do it if I had to. Yes, I could. I have done chickens w/o issue so plinking squirrels with a .22, gutting and cooking is doable. The wife though will have to be on her dietary death bed before she would partake. She says a pallet of peanut butter cups ought to take care of her protein needs for a few years. 

Just between you and me, the squirrels and are safe living here for the foreseeable future. 

But weeks of hunger would welcome the pan above set on the table. 

But not today!

A .22 rifle with a good scope and plenty of ammo is one of the very best guns to have nestled in a home safe place. Deadeye skill sets out to 50 yards a must. (After the peanut butter cups run out) or plans A,B and C have failed. 

A Few DJI Mavic Pro Pics

Southern Tip Lake Sunapee

Looking North Lake Sunapee Early Fall

Rolling Hills and Freeway Early Fall

This is How to Spend a Fall Sunday Afternoon in New England!


This has been an historical and epoch week in the news. One would think that there only exists hate upon hate amongst the peoples. Not so.

"Winter is Coming" again. Last few weeks to shore up the moats. 

Thanks for the visit. 

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