Monday, September 24, 2018



The day does not have to be perfect nor does everything that crosses our paths this day, have to fit. 

But when all is said and done, do you ever take in the big picture of a given day? Do you take the time to acknowledge it? 

It is healthy to appreciate, more often than not, some wonderment.

The white petunias above are giving their last hurrah this month. I could not throw away that hanging basket when we replaced them with the new fall yellow mums this past weekend. My appreciation now is not for the whole basket of flowers in full bloom and glory, but in the last stragglers shining among those less glorious. A moment of wonderment was in order for their last zest of life here. 



"...your right hand thumb joint is bone on bone" as he moved my thumb around. I have never heard that joint grind as it did for him in that examination. The doctor is top notch but looks 16 years old. Gets a lot of work done in a very short period of time. 

He said he knew exactly what it was, no need for an x-ray. I could get a cortisone shot if I need it and,of course, he said there was always the option for thumb replace surgery if it gets too bad. I told him that I will take these thumbs to journey's end. Apply some heat in the morning to get blood flowing and ice for swelling as needed. Soak in a warm bucket of water will help. Come back if it gets worse. I am lucky we do not walk on our hands, though. 

I never ever paid attention to arthritis as it was an old person's problem and had nothing to do with me. Times have changed.

I handed the checkout form to a younger gal behind the counter saying, "The doctor said to schedule a lobotomy as soon as possible." She became flustered as lobotomy was not an option on the form I handed her. Puzzled look on her face and she asked again. I repeated it again. The older gal working next to her laughed. 

It is not a joke if the gal behind the counter does know what a lobotomy is. The old gal did, thought it funny. All was lost as I had to tell the younger gal I was teasing her and I was ok and did not require another appointment. She never cracked a smile.

I enjoy some banter with folks when I am out and about.



As the week wears on, I always seem to find something worthy of sharing. 

Dream Rangers;  video  

I have seen this before; have forgotten, and good to revisit more often. 


Fall is official now. Have a good week and thanks for the visit.

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