Sunday, June 3, 2018


We lost our Golden over Memorial Day Weekend. Suffice it to say there are holes here in our hearts and the places we walk and look. It is a part of life and these things are easy to say until it happens to you. I will not go into more than sharing this with you. Note that I do so in helping me and her heal and admit writing this brief note is more for us. 

We have had three Golden's here since the early 2000's. They have given us so much that neither words nor time will ever be never be enough. 

In our healing process, we are building a memorial to the girls.

The early morning sun shines on the ground where the girls will be remembered. Three stones with their names and time on earth. 

The place has been chosen, cleared and leveled. The final hanging basket found itself in place on day one. How could we bring that home and not hang it?

Maybe a day or two left to complete with a few hostas in the back, red bark mulch and then the spreading of ashes behind each stone, setting the girls free for eternity to roam this land they lived and loved. Never a day on a leash nor mandated behavior training. 


The pressure inside of us has eased some, in large part of our connection and work on their garden. Progress.

Found this just yesterday on ACE and a great way to end this blog.

Thanks for the visit this week.  

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