Monday, June 11, 2018


Neglect and time have a way with things of man. It seems just a year or two ago we put up a few of these homemade bird houses trying to add some personality to the outlying areas here on the hill. 

I had all but forgotten these bird houses and fence nailed to a tree alongside our back yard. I was surprised at how much has been erased and covered these past  years.   

Today it is completely obscured and a new normal prevails.  Suffice it to say weather, creatures and seasons have left their mark. If I do nothing, it will  become forest dust. 

The wood shed was finally cleaned out these last few days and winter wood completed. The earliest I have ever gotten the wood in and stacked. It helps to hire a young 18 year old home from college. 

Two of these "new bird houses with fence" survived the past years much better stored in the shed rafters.

Time for them to take their turn and run their course here on the outlying areas. 


We have all coexisted here well. Humans, birds, squirrels, pets, one bear and other night-roaming animals. 

Bird food is usually put out daily, an allotment for all. Bird varieties, squirrels, chipmunks have all been fairly friendly and somewhat respectful of the others at the table. 

But a grey squirrel has moved in along with too many chipmunks. They clean up the offerings in a few minutes and let no one else near the feeders. I found the big grey had actually opened the lid to the metal garbage can in the garage and was feasting on stored seeds. How he got the lid up is beyond me. I think he is the one taking down the other feeders.

I could take up arms and take care of this but would never do that. I am, instead, building a squirrel-proof feeder (pictured at the right). The war will continue for awhile. 

I have not been interested in getting wrapped in any of the worldly follies this past week. Weather has been nice and time outside playing in the yard has prevailed. 

Stay with the taking care of yourself program. 

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