Monday, March 12, 2018


A very busy week for line crews in the north east. Another 8-14 inches of snow due midweek. Mother Nature wants to leave a final impression before officially moving on. 

Linemen looking at flooding in Massachusetts this past week.


 I had the opportunity to be out in the cold and stationary in one location for 6 hours this weekend. It was a good opportunity to tap into a bug-out container. 

I had filled a Cabela's ammo container with a Jet Boil along with assorted snacks for a three-day single person emergency. This carrier sets on the floor behind the passenger seat. I go through bug-out bags twice a year as mentioned before in this blog. This weekend was a good opportunity to open and practice with emergency stores before all is re-organized and items updated for spring/summer and fall. 

I used a full bottle of water and heated up some instant soup on the downed tail gate. A strongish cold breeze was blowing and all of this took about 15 minutes due to the cold blowing over the Jet Boil. I have several old metal spoons in the kit for stirring and eventually eating as wanted. 

Sitting in a warm truck, sipping hot chicken noodle soup was not a bad way to pass a cold winter morning stuck in one spot. I likened this to a recent weather event where a power line fell across I-95 a few days ago in a long-term heavy snow fall. Vehicles were stuck for hours in both north and south bound lanes on the weathered highway until the lines were lifted and made safe. These are winter conditions that can as easily strand any motorist for a long period of time. Having no provisions is not a situation I ever want to find myself in, regardless of the reason. 

My truck usually always has a half dozen bottles of water tucked in the door panels, back seat on the floor and a few under the lift up back seat.  

One thing I did learn that I would go through water for hot soups, coffees and hot chocolates. Extra water in a vehicle is important. 

This might be a tool for fun shopping and considering if you play outdoors or plan for being prepared for a few challenging days. Having warm comfort food for folks in a few days emergency will prove you to be the hero of the day. The Jet Boil may be a little "spendy", but pay for itself in just one emergency use. 

The Jet Boil is a great tool (for me) for heating bug-out bag foods. It stores well, simple and safe. Never to be used in a concealed environment, ie., cooking inside a closed vehicle. But you know these things!

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I would like to think that all folks know these things and follow rules for running equipment. But running two generators in your basement is a classic mistake and with all the warnings given on media, I want to believe folks do not do this, but not the case. The man and his cat succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning and his wife and dog were revived. 

Don't be one of these people. 


Two is one, one is none. A half-gas tank is an empty gas tank. Think the seasons ahead, plan and act.  Heads up and thanks for stopping in.

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