Sunday, December 31, 2023


 QUIET ENDING OF THE YEAR, morning walk.


First time Cannon has ventured across the field for a friendly "hello."

 Neighbor preps to load horses and leave for a day's riding.

Had to watch several times. The sound up for sure.

A read worth the time. 
"The information is out there, you only have to let it in."
Jesse Stone series. All on Prime January 2024.
Bacon, eggs, avocado, pico de gallo.
Breakfasts going into the new year

Healthy and tasty.
Thanks for the visits this year. YMATA will continue and we will see what we see in the weeks and months ahead. 
A good friend from up north says that years ending in "4" have always been good years for him. He is old enough now with wisdom, experiences and insight.
"I do not know!!"
Happy New Year, good health and God Bless.


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