Sunday, December 3, 2023



Of all of the grand moments in this video, the one that grabs my heart is the moment of appreciation of watching a grandchild turning out to be pure gold. 

Those were the days. Not smart enough to have put this in the barn. And yes the car in the video above spools up the wheels of grand old memories.

Came across THIS SONG (ADIOS) recently and did not realize I was listening too Linda Ronstadt.  Take the time to listen. The girl can crawl into a song, tell a story and take us with her.

I have forgotten the many years ago I listened to her when she was with the Stone Poneys in the mid 1960's. (Different Drum - Stone Ponies Evergreen Vol.2) I can still see this album cover always sitting on the record cabinet, close to the turn table.  



For years, I have wanted to learn 3-d printing. I experimented with it somewhat in 2006/2007. Just recently I was lent a Makerbot Mini printer to play and learn from. 

It has been setting idle for awhile. Nine year-old model but hardware and software all new to me. New vocabulary to learn. Learning to think inside this technology also new. I am fortunate to have help from a young man in NH.

There are many videos that have been helpful. And there are videos of no help at all. So, firmware updated - check. Printer attached and recognized - check. Basic commands learned to get a first print - check. My expectations were that all of this was not going to go easily and that I would have hurdle after hurdle to get over. Check check!

Printer heads cooling down on the third pass (slice). Have learned that someone else has tried to work on the printer heads and put parts back on backwards. Current printer head clogged. This weekend's project. 

I have learned in all of these years not to try to fix things that need fixing without first learning the best approach. Thinking I know what I do not know has almost always resulted in complete failure and caused more damage to a part or piece.

I plan to use the most non-invasive approach to cleaning the blockage on the printer head. Teaching videos have been most helpful. Will know later today.

Failure is most always a part of learning anything new. Stay tuned!



Folks in the health care industry, with whom I have visited regarding my recent (4 months ago) Saddle Block Pulmonary Embolism have all, with out exception, looked at me with facial expressions of "you are lucky to be alive"!

My recent visit with my PCP this past week was no exception. He had the same look while reading all of the doctors reports while I was in the hospital. 

Apparently, the doctors had discussions of what procedures to follow in my treatment. Invasive removal of the embolism or let the body heal using blood thinners. My recovery period while in the hospital was positive and the doctors decided to not use invasive measures. There had been neither a heart attack nor any heart damage.

The exact cause of the embolism was not completely clear to them. An "anomaly". I was, however, overweight, sedentary and dehydrated. All of which contributed to the event.

Suffice it to say, all of this has gotten my attention. My wife, with tears in her eyes, crying and holding me tight a month ago was also a wake-up call. She had been holding all of this in for three months. "I almost lost you." A most powerful moment in this man's life. The woman loves me. Me!

Today, down 25 pounds. Best diet plan ever. Walking and working the next 13 pounds to lose. I have been given a second chance.



December 2023. The month will go fast and most of us will get lost in the holiday season to some degree or another. Some outdoor decorations are up, lights - a few - and fresh cookies currently take up a good portion of the kitchen table; none of which either one of will even tease ourselves with. Delivery of cookies start tomorrow to folks who are important in our lives and who have welcomed us with open arms, friendships and from the heart warmth. They have impacted our move here and confirmed often that we are where we are suppose to be at this time of our lives.

Gifts to be mailed will be gone this week. We do not do Christmas cards anymore but every year, think we should be doing. 

The winter weather for the next week forecasts temperatures in the mid-sixties during days flooded with sunshine. Mornings are brisk and the days are conducive to getting outside.

Thanks for the visit this week. Squeeze this month for all the goodness you can. Giving and receiving.  Avoid crowds and, if you cannot, up your senses of those around you. 


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