Sunday, November 26, 2023


Early Thanksgiving morning in east Texas, 2023. It was as quiet and peaceful as the photo below depicts but for a lone rooster in the distance.

If Butterball sold 37 pound turkeys, my wife would opt for that turkey. She has a thing about always buying the biggest turkey available, even for just the two of us.  But this year, she made the decision on a 15-pounder and come to find out, that whole turkey fit inside the turkey pan. A first!

 Yes, there was a whole turkey inside.

Thanksgiving was also an excuse for her to set a proper table, china, silver, cloth napkins and crystal. Even if it was only for three. Years of family history alive and well. Most thankful for family and all the new very close friends in our lives.



Friday after was to be a road trip along Interstate 30 into Dallas. Was to be an after holiday visit with brother-in-law. We thought leftovers with more time to visit outside the busy day of large family gathering on Thanksgiving day. Then a phone call from brother-in-law mid afternoon explaining the power had gone out, then later back on. The oven was off and displaying a "fatal error" message. 

One of the worst things that can happen to the chief cook of a Turkey day meal. A brief while later, a reset button was found, pushed and all was back to order. But their meal was delayed to later afternoon. 

Having been the chief cooks a few times for large family gatherings, my wife and I realized they did not need another day added following their large family gathering on Thanksgiving. We called, opted out for a rain check giving them back a relaxing Friday free from more family coming for a visit and feeding. 

My wife and I also realized that driving into Dallas on Black Friday was probably a poor decision on our part. Traffic on a normal day in Dallas ........ yeah.



One of the many first lessons learned in the Army helicopter flight program in 1966 was recognizing the onset of Ground Resonance and what to do about it.

The term "light on the skids" refers to getting the helicopter settled in a well controlled vertical liftoff from the ground up to a hover. In that interim, the helicopter becomes lightly setting on the skids as it lifts off the ground. 

If the helicopter is left in that "light on the skids" condition, one skid can briefly bounce off the ground and cause a transfer of forces through the helicopter structure and flight controls. It will then bounce off the other skid sending another set of increasing vibration forces through the helicopter. The helicopter, if left in that condition, can start to go into ground resonance with each "bounce" sending larger disruptive flight inputs into the helicopter systems.  In a very short period of time, well--- the two videos below best describe the outcome. 

The cure in learning to fly for the new helicopter pilot is to recognize when ground resonance is starting to occur and to either set all the weight of the helicopter back on the ground (land) or pull the helicopter into the air (fly). Immediately.

The two videos below were set into motion by the Army to show what happens if the helicopter is left alone in that condition. Increasing oscillations occur to the point of complete out of balance failure.

Figure below from Google

Ground resonance - Wikipedia

Video One

Video Two



Just sailing. Sights, sounds and new technology at work. I think the center hull has a lifting foil in use. To design and build a boat like this; to to see it perform in these kinds of wind and ocean conditions! And add a video like this...Has to be a rush and an enormous feeling of accomplishment!



I should have quit this weeks post while I was ahead. But I cannot.  I apologize.

Maybe all we really need is an idea, be dedicated to it and and then act on that idea. 


The 2023 Thanksgiving holiday is in the books. 

I cannot shake "hinky" feelings during times of our lives, worrying if another holiday season will "occur normally" across our nation. Head and gut feelings at odds. Winky-eyed! Everything seemingly disconnecting. Elephants filling the room(s). Way too quiet/distractions inside all the noise.

Soon, the new year day have come and gone, winter will be in full blossom and 2024 will be in the starting gates. The racetrack ahead.....well, if I was a jockey, I might want to walk the course instead of full steam ahead. I will be most interested in finishing the race intact.

I, too, will be milling around in the paddock, looking at horizons and over my shoulder. reading people, economy and lands for change. What am I forgetting; not seeing; not planning for?

Pot of beef rib soup was on before daybreak this morning. It is cold, windy and damp outside. Brothy beef soup for dinner plus the house will smell very homey all day. A good afternoon for a movie.

Thanks for the visit. You know I appreciate it.



  1. I've drove to Carrolton years ago to pick up an instrument cluster for my wife's car. It reminded me of Houston, except much more tense. In Houston, I know where I'm going. I didn't in the Dallas area and navigating rush hour traffic was something I never want to do again.

  2. I recall a NYARNG UH-1M eating itself like this and rolling over on the right side. Story went that an IP was in the left seat and a guy heading to Rucker in the right. IP wasn't watching the controls and it got away from them. Class A Mishap, FEB for the IP but still...the right seater went to Rucker. Go figure.

    1. IIRC, to enter ground resonance the helicopter must have an articulated rotor system and oleo strut landing gear. The Mike Model from NYARNG destruction may have been a lot of things but not ground resonance. IIRC. regards, Alemaster