Sunday, January 7, 2024

WEEK ONE 24 - BUILT IN THE 40'S - GOOD STORIES - READING BOOKS (a bucket list item)

A stocking stuffer from the bride this season. I wear it daily and find that I wear it differently. Completely pulled down on my head and enjoying how the bill shades the sun and glare. Function/comfort over appearance.

My son reminded me that I have had an suspension upgrade; new ball joint! 



There is a brief moment in the first few minutes of the movie "Sicario" when the crews are departing Mexico and stuck in traffic at the border crossing. "If it is coming, it is coming now."

One of the better gunfights in an action movie. This  comment by one of the  crew is how I am looking at this coming year. 

Whatever is coming, is coming this year. I will not even attempt to be one of the bloggers advising what is coming, what to do and OMG OMG. There is plenty of all of this on most of the blogs and headlines I see.

Instead of re-posting the sum of what I see, let these suffice in the weeks ahead.


Browse at your interests and/or leisure.  I also visit DRUDGE and other similar sites to get a flavor of the "mainstream". Of course, there is YouTube for idle entertainment.

Fun video off of the DTW this morning. The music helps. Two fliers, two boats picking them up.  Watched several times. 

ITS DUMB.... from bustednuckles

I scored a 2.


I have said often here that I love a good story. The listening to someone's adventure(s). An event moment in their life. Truth be told though, not many folk can tell a good story. And often, the story cannot carry the telling. Yet I am always drawn in at the beginning, just because.

Grandfather could tell a story. Sitting on large cedar blocks cut from escaping logs along the banks of the Willapa River, my grandfather would take time out of his day to visit with me and teach me ways of an old man's day. I was always bigger in his shadow. To this day, I appreciate how I handle and care for a small pocketknife. All of this was born one day when an old man and young boy visited and whittled whistles from green cascara branches.

I cannot remember not being attentive when my dad talked of the old ships sailing to Alaska. How he stole a hot pie from the cooling racks near the cook's galley. Ate the whole pie himself. Said they would have killed him if they had caught him. His words! But the light in his eyes as he described the eating of that hot apple pie as he crouched in a dark out of the way place on that ship always had me sitting right beside him there, inside that story. Always being hungry was his motivator.

The lining up of all the men along the sailing ships railing just before departing the Bristol Bay fishing season for home. Women on the pier would point to a man along the railing and that man stayed behind to be responsible for the woman and the child to come. Old black and white photos of those moments carried much impact in the storytelling. I listened to my father and regret not spending more time talking with him in his elder years.

My brother-in-law, married to my wife's little sister, is a storyteller. He has a dark sense of humor, is well read, can gather vocabulary from places I do not know about. He is someone I always go out of my way to listen to. He has life stories I have never heard and life experiences that surprise me every time we visit. Most often, he has me laughing so hard that tears cannot be held back. I do not give my undivided attention to many things, but I do to good storytellers. 

But old men have stories to tell. Lived lives.

Again, the bride hit a home run on Christmas morning. I am a big fan of Jack Reacher and The Night Manager TV series. She, of course, is well read and tells me of the John le Carre' the author of The Night Manager and his other written stories. I am learning. 

Finished Night School in two days. Twenty seven other Jack Reacher books await. Starting the Night Manager and am finding a wonderful world of storytelling and exceptional writing. Time cuddled in the chair with a good light passes quickly with a hardback book in hand.

2024 will be the year I start reading more. A bucket list item checking off. “I love a good story.”


Starting the new year visiting here again? Thanks, appreciate and God Bless.



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