Sunday, December 4, 2022


"Picking up a load on a 230 kv"

Lineman talk for working a problem while the wires are hot. These guys actually become a part of the circuit. There are parts of the country where the electricity cannot be shut off to do a repair. There are only a few guys who can and will do this work. Son is one of them.

Say thanks to these fellows when you pass by. They very much appreciate that. On a cold cold morning, drop off a box of hot coffee, a few doughnuts. There are times that is all they will get to eat for hours on end. 


THE ENGLISH with Emily Blunt. On Prime. 

I care not what any critics give this mini series, it is a 10 out 10 all the way around. Emily Blunt is classic, not a snow flake and just watching her sit a horse is the icing on a cake. Excellent story. Excellent acting and a look into some realities of our early history.  Not for children. 

If you are tired of the crap that today is called entertainment, then this series will give you appreciation that there are still folks out there who know how to make a western movie with grit and an actress who can play a strong woman's role and who is at the top of her game!!



Nearing two weeks now. The Flu!! Hit us both two days before Thanksgiving. Text book. My wife went through all of this a little faster than I did. An immune system has been our savior and our ability to take care of ourselves. Liquids. Lots of rest. Energy levels just enough to get back to the couch or bed and sleep. 

Phones off. Drapes pulled. Gate closed. Neighbors have checked in and interesting to note most all have and are going through the same flu symptoms. Rest, liquids topped off with more rest. Just slow for all of us to get this all behind us.

The weather outside has been cold and rainy. Cold by Texas standards.  


A quick spurt of energy lasted long enough for her and me to get our basic Christmas decoration hung up on the gate for this season. This will be as good as it gets.  

Watch/listen a wonderful piano presentation of INTERSTELLAR 


Thanks for the visit. 

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