Sunday, November 6, 2022


Still available from the net for delivery. For all the right reasons, should the need arise where we have to be self sufficient in the event of a small injury. Just as possible, to be able to help a neighbor.

As an older man, my skin has gotten thinner on my arms and tears at the slightest scrape or cut. I bleed. I bruise. I heal. Putting a good band aid on the wound no longer works as taking the band aid off also can take a chunk of skin with it.  

All of my life, my forearms have borne the brunt of protecting me from things like doors closing in my face, falling objects or unexpected items coming at me. Reflex response. 

Today, those responses are alive and well, but the simplest of reflex protective response quite often ends in some bleeding wound. These above wound seal have been tested, used and work wonderfully.

Quite often, I do not even know I have injured myself until I see blood running down my arm or my wife asked me what in the hell did I to myself.

A fellow neighbor is also an older gentleman and experiences similar bleeding from similar wounds. We have shared a few of the smaller packets with him and he now swears by them. Carries packets on the tractors when out in the fields working. 


An early morning gift. 



I have not had this kind of success with broccoli before.

Hearty, resists the cold and in doing so, produces sugar in the process. The leaves become sweeter. Most important to me is the longer term of my garden feeding us on a daily basis. Steamed, sautéed or wilted in a salad. The broccoli plant feeds before and after the florets are harvested. More will be planted next season. Optimistic, huh??



Part of a lineman's on the road goods. Departing early in the morning for a job a few states west. Right smack dead in the heart of the beast. High end work with energized power lines. 

Dad will worry but he tells me not to. Has good guys with him and all well trained and grounded in the times of our lives. But a dad worries.



Gluing finished frame today. Having fun and good for the head. 



Lanny Wilson - Heart like a truck.

I would listen to more county western like this. 


ARTIST TALENT I wish I could draw like this. 

FROM NC RENEGADES . I hope we are wrong. Short video. 

Maybe park information like this in some, not too far off, corner of our minds. 


A good week in east Texas. Some rain that was greatly needed. Temperatures wonderful. Winter is coming. 

Gas fireplace on to take the morning chill out of the house. 

But the elephant in the room is getting larger. No October surprise. As of today with elections 2 days away, no red flag or EOTW catastrophe that I know of. 

Lots of local shooting around us yesterday and last night. Loud booms. But this is not out of the ordinary. Could be feral pig hunting or just plinking. Normal Saturday night in East Texas. 

Folks I visit with up north, locally and day in and day out, chatter with my wife, find growing concerns for coming upheaval. Blog chatter is of a red wave. I would expect this using common sense from experiences of the population these last two years.  Change for the better of country and all folks. But common sense, as I see it, just might be for old men. 

Folks up north talk of empty shelves in the stores. Here in east Texas all seems normal. I think because we are closer to food belts and food production. Prices are up, but availability appears ok. May be that it is that there are more small stores and markets to shop. Most dollar stores are well stocked.

But if there is indeed a real diesel shortage, it is just a matter of time.  

Two days to mid-terms. We have voted and at our place of voting we were told that early turn out is very high. But I wish they were hand counted.

I appreciate your visit. I do. Put in last minute items as you see fit. Love those close to you and be kind to others who pass through your days. Stay away from crowds. Do one thing you have been putting off for weeks now. 

Say a few prayers even if you do not know how to pray. Give it a shot. Just you and God. He hears. Yep. 


  1. wow! It sounded like I was writing the old man thin skin rant. Ain't maturity fun?
    Peace, bro.

    The "Blues" of 1/9 Cav. May interest you. Welcome Home Brother and Happy Veterans Day. r/Alemaster