Sunday, November 13, 2022


Middle New Hampshire, election morning. Ten point, 190 pounds. From a kneeling position looking down hill.

Me:  "Were you sitting on one of your shooting benches?"

In her words via text message:

"I was actually, but mostly just to stay hidden. I was the top of the hill outback looking down.

Okay, I can give you the full story. I let the dog out through the shop only to pee so we wouldn't make noise. No outside lights on. Then I put on my hunting clothes after leaving them in the cedar closet to keep my human scent down.

Went out the front porch with gun to not make a sound. Loaded and cocked my gun, safety on and crept up the driveway slow and methodically. Stopping if I made a twig snap.

I crept up the path to a concealed position making sure to stay behind a tree in front of me. Then I moved slowly over to the bench for cover. I stayed there for 30 minutes until it was light enough to see.

Saw legs, thought it was a cow and mentally argued with myself about how a cow could be down there. Then I realized it was the buck. 

I made a noise clicking off my safety and he looked up. I got terrified that he saw me and was going to run. Adrenaline started to pump and my arms shake. I had to get my breathing under control so I would not miss. Then I took the shot.

He ran off. I reloaded again and took chase. I followed in the woods. No hair, no blood. I saw a downed tree and thought it was him. I started to whoop then realized it was a tree and laughed at myself. 

Then I looked to another spot and found him lying down about 30 yards from the shot. I started to yell with happiness.

I kicked him to make sure he was dead because my dad went to stick one once that was playing dead after the shot and almost got him with its horns. 

It was a great moment realizing I shot the biggest rack like I was hoping for and ran back to the house to tell my fiancée. 

I marked the deer by putting my orange hat on him so I could find him when we got back." 

"Yeah. It was my very first gutting alone. I did damn good per my dad's teachings. I video chatted with him and showing him my work. "

Deer season in Texas too. Most all of our friends are out hunting or someone in their family is. Yep!! Skill sets.


Water stand progress.

Nearing completion of water filter stand. Just a shelf to add to hold filtered water, stain and apply oil finish. Wife is very happy with this little piece of furniture. 

Just found this this morning on NC Renegades from Sarah Connor. A twitter post, give it a few moments to load. 

Not sure if this will ever make the evening news. Worth the quick read and keeping an eye on this story. If this is true, how can this country move ahead?


A 12 minute video from The Patriot Nurse. Elections opinion. 


Short post this week. Thanks for the visit. Have a blessed week. 

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