Sunday, July 3, 2022


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She Nails It

H/T to Irish

Humanitarian Crisis More on this in the Sit Rep below. 

Food Rationing found on The Organic Prepper

Sit Rep 6-29-22 Take the time to listen. He covers many topics that helps paint a good picture of what is happening around the world. 

NC Renegades  and especially "boots on the ground" videos

Visit several times a week for real-time updates affecting us all.

Weeeeelllllllllllllllllllll. Good News

Commission to Allow Russia to Resume Transports to Kaliningrad


Friendly visitor(s) this week:

When we have to go back to old school.

Neighborly gift. Pickled squash. Looking forward to trying this.

Hot Red Pepper Jam

My wife's first try at hot red pepper jam. Excellent flavor with just the right amount of heat. Also a bonus accompanying Asian flavor that will go with meats and rice. Another batch on the cook today. 

Just finished cleaning a pound and half of peppers on the top gate of the side by side. Peppers off the vine clean quickly. No kitchen mess. No more picking a few days ahead of canning. 

A partial gallon of white vinegar and small clean rag for cleaning my hands also pre-set in the side by side. I have learned the hard way of wiping sweat from my face and adjusting my glasses with pepper hands. Yes, I could wear gloves but that makes the job more difficult (for me).

Another Ryobi electric tool added for lawn care. Impressive and very happy with this choice. It is nice to be able to turn the mower on its side and wash the bottom w/o oil and gas leaking out. Plenty of power and run-time to get lawns mowed. 

Why Ryobi? Because every electric tool I own is that brand and batteries interchange with the weed eater. [FWIW: I receive nothing from Ryobi for the mention.]

Daily helper: Louise, of the Thelma and Louise sisters.

Independence Day 2022

Today and tomorrow our grill will turn out toasted buns, hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, chips and all the "fixins." Just her and me. Quiet. No traffic passing by the house. Maybe a trip to the neighbors for a visit.

From American Digest. Four part series of War and Peace. 

We will be starting this series this weekend. Ten days ahead of triple digit temperatures and no rain. Gonna be housebound for a good part of these coming days. Have also just started the second read of Alas, Babylon. 

Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend. Thank you for the visit. 

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