Sunday, July 10, 2022


Neighbor to the west grows watermelons and cantaloupes every season. Early July, he sets some of the ones he has picked on his roadside stand and sells on the honor system. Still warm from the morning field, this watermelon was the best I have ever eaten.

Yesterday was a tough one for being outside. Has been a long, hot June and the rest of the east Texas summer is still ahead of us. We are inside the daily Extreme Heat weather warning each day now.

T-shirt rotation. Drenched from sweat, I change out to a dry one off the line. They dry in this heat quickly. 

You never know?


Most of the garden has succumbed to the heat.  Tomatoes rot on the vine in the direct sunlight. A few peppers left and not sure if the string beans will produce. 

New compost bin working wonderfully. 

30 pounds of cats, measured.  Enduring the heat remarkably well.

Have a great week. Appreciate the visit.

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