Sunday, July 31, 2022


Young mechanic said he found an old 4Runner that will become his wife's car. Said it needs a little work. And then he went full tilt on the nuts and bolts thing. 

Skill-sets in their highest form. I see parts, pieces and a few OMGs. But this car will be better than new, a head-turner and better than the day it came off the shelf.  I just know there is a lift-kit on order too.

Will follow the progress and share. 

How many husbands to you know who would go through all of this for their wife and young son? For the piece of mind when his family is on the road?


Found this video off of American Digest last week. I could not quit watching. Still do not know why. No!! It is not her; maybe the pending train wreck potential or just maybe she has a knack of sharing her perspectives as a foreigner. How she sees America and all that. Not sure. 



Pear is the smoothest, the pear-orange flavor is next with a little more kick and the orange flavor is fine but with a noticeable alcohol kick. If next year comes about, I will batch up on pear mead. 

Surprisingly little left over debris on the bottom of the half gallons. Pear is still murky though. A small full bottle of orange for a neighbor as promised. The other three...see below. Enjoyed the siphoning. "workworkworkworkwork"!!!

The mead is young but shot-glass worthy now. It all gets better with age.


And just like that, it is August 2022. 

I have watched my share of videos of our leader in all of his glory this past week. Cannot even find the energy of wanting to share here. The reason folks quit banging their heads against a brick wall is that it does not take long to realize the pain and the behavior leading to no good. 

Seemingly though, in every nook and cranny of this country, the behavior continues. I do not know how else to characterize it. And I refrain from the want to constantly chew on all of it as a main diet. But one of these days in the not to distant future..............!!!

The weather forecast for the next 10 days in east Texas brings with it some relief. Maybe. Highs 95 to 97. Not 105-110 like every day for the past month on our patio deck. I am sure we are not out of the woods because the humidity will be higher and that in of its self kicks my ass instantly. Yet, I want to believe. I do I do I do. But August in Texas is summer at its peak.

I have pulled out the GoPro camera with intent to make an August in Texas video. I have not posted a YouTube video in years and would like to get back to doing more with video sharing.  In the mean time, I need to re-learn the software and practice filming. Gives my head other things to think of too. 

A short post. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed week.



  1. I have not seen other posts about your orange and pear efforts. Have you ever made vinegar with pear or orange? My wife and i have made vinegar out of a number different fruits but never those 2. Have tried mead from honey but not sure what we ended up with. Some alcohol taste but was expecting more sweet.

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