Sunday, July 4, 2021


Yes, it is overkill. Over-built and taller than the original plans. No table-saw, chop-saw, drill press, band-saw nor any of the little tools I took for granted in the old shop. I do, though, have a good assortment of Ryobi power tools and along with basic hand-saws, got the job done. A lot of old school stuff; basics.

Kittens have more than doubled in size since we got them and I have been under the gun to get them into a roomy place where they have room to play, climb, jump, hide and practice all of their developing cat skills.

Friday morning was their first “walk” through. Set in on the ground floor of their five-level new home, they began their first explorations.

They much preferred the quick climbing up the wire side of the cage and forcefully pulling themselves through the few small places left inside the cage. Cats see things much differently than i do. All the shelves for the 5 levels were in place. 

Jump down and repeat. Then a new path; then another and finally, the staging I built up the top level was discovered. That took an hour as they kept running and playing through one new level. One would look upward only to be hard hit by other landing on top or knocking her over. Which, of course, requires retaliation.

My wife is a new parent at heart. Her scolding falls on deaf ears. “Hey; don't do that!” I keep telling her that they are large kittens. They are cats!!

That they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and with great enthusiasm and skills quickly learned and practiced over and over. They are developing; evolving before our very eyes.

We watched for two hours, visited, laughed and finally the kittens were exhausted. We moved them back to their small cage, put them in the shop with A/C on and they slept for 5 hours.

And to answer your question, “do I have plans?” the answer is no. I invented this from the first cut of the saw cut to the last screw holding the top on.

(Publishing today.) Several days now in their new home. They have adjusted well and are acting like young teens. Bolder at trying to escape when we clean the cage, add food and water and moving them to inside evening quarters. The wife and I feel that they are double-teaming us with purpose now. The have no fear of trying any route of escape. 

They believe they are ready for the keys to the Corvette.  


Morning Pond

Her first test batch of bacon wrapped stuffed Jalapenos.

Neighbor's recipe. And her just killed it on her first attempt. Crunch, the perfect amount of heat flavor and mixture of pepper and stuffing mix. Cut into bite size portions, five each of these were a full meal deal. 

* 1 Hot Jimmy Dean sausage, fried and drained
* 1/2 can of original Rotel. The remainder of the can saved control of filling       thickness.
* 16 oz of soft cream cheese.
* All simmered and mixed together in the frying pan.

This mixture alone is wonderful chip did served warm. Several spoon scoops on a plate with a handful of chips and served. It is quick, easy and addictive. 

Jalapenos cut in half, cleaned and the insides washed thoroughly with cold water. Neighbor lightly scrapes the insides with a spoon to help reduce heat. Her did not do that and the heat flavor was perfect and I am not a fan of hot pepper heat.

Jalapenos stuffed, wrapped with thick bacon (what we had) and stuck with a stick to hold everything together.

Set on top of wire rack inside large glass pan. Baked at 375 degrees F for 40 minutes. 

They were left to set for 5 minutes and then put on the table. 

I have never been a fan of Jalapenos because of the extreme heat. But it is all in the proper preparation and baking. A whole new world of flavor for me. 


Flying flags, prepping the grill, setting the tables, icing fresh watermelon and a variety of drinks. Neighbors arriving at 2 PM. A most typical of "The 4th of July" celebration in a free land on a free day. 

We celebrate, always will!!


The above was a test dog yesterday and an opportunity to make my perfect hot dog, photograph and share. Of course any hot dog says pile it on. But my perfect dog is not yours I am sure. 

The perfect dog in my world is on a buttered and grilled bun. The dog also grilled with grill marks and a hint of blackening. Two passes of mustard. Snug the sides together and eat. 

I cannot remember the last time I took the time to make this dog right or the time anyone making dogs served them this way. Yes, there are hundred ways to dress this meal up for added flavors. But I will always opt for this dog above all others. 

God Bless, have a wonderful week and thanks for the visit.

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