Monday, July 12, 2021



Walking into neighbor's garden.

Off to the left, out of sight here is a large bench swing set on old metal wagon wheels. A welded structure. We gravitate there when we go over to visit. 

Several chairs around, enough for 6 folks comfortably. The walkway is stone with uneven edges. Most likely from time. Old broken clay pots cover the ground around many of the plants. Neighbors says that is on purpose. A reminder of plants and times passed. One might look at all of this and say some is hit and miss. Not cleaned up to be pristine; but it is by design and not intended to please anyone more than the Missus who lives there. And within that, this a most wonderful spot on earth. 

It beckons folks to it. Time can easily evaporate here in a world built by wife and husband. 

Tomatoes are ripening on the vine and herbs are in bulk. Thriving.  

My mother built gardens. Dad helped and I always got the impression they got a lot of pleasure out of the finished product. I remember both grandparents and parents having gardens that produced. Quantity. Lots of green. Worlds in and of their own. 

Full circle now I suppose. Maybe life is like that if we pull back and observe. I never took the time in younger days to do that. Too much to do ya know. 

My wife's flowers have given the new home here the wanting of passers by to take a longer look. Cars stop out front to look. The neighbor's Missus has been instrumental in helping her. Plant this, add this, a few of these here and just sow seeds along here. "Stick em in the ground." Matter of fact advice on things growing in Texas. 

And this is wife's first real attempt to have the garden she has always wanted. Living on a NH rock on a small hill did not yield like the Texas soil does here. 

Digging beyond 3" deep was always met with rock, then more rock. Not here. There is much more dirt under those top three inches.


Protected from predictors under netting.




We lost power early in the week, midnight till 3 AM. It was the first real test of our whole-house generator.

The generator is located just outside of our bedroom wall and consequently the noise level was noticeably elevated. Not to be unbearable, but loud enough to be noticed out of the everyday norm. Of course her slept through it like a baby. I, on the other, hand went into worry concerned mode.

After checking power outages in our area on the net, it appeared that the best explanation was “a planned outage” since it was straight up midnight when the power went out. And it was not a bump or two, but drop dead power cut off. At exactly 3 AM the power came back on.

A call that morning to the power company to find out if it was indeed a planned outage, the answer a simple “no ma'm.” Curious.

My wife called back and the explanation was given. “There was a “snake intrusion” at two of the local substations and the power was indeed shut off to solve that problem. That sounds planned to me. 

Regardless. We did not ask more questions, although I would have liked to know what a “snake intrusion” looks like and how they rid the area of snakes.

There are snakes here where we live. We have heard stories, told not to walk in the tall grass or bushy places. Neighbor killed a 5' snake just two weeks ago while it was slithering across his lower driveway. Friendly snake. But 5' snake!!

Anyone talking spiders or snakes sends me immediately to Scarlet Ohara-ville...”I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow.”


I told the bride that I am taking August off. I am retired and it is about time I took some time off. Cat house, garden, normal chores and now building her corner shelves in the laundry room for storage. 

The builder of this new home did/does not have a good grasp of room function along with design. Bathroom sink and cabinetry does not serve a laundry room purpose. "Where do I thaw the Thanksgiving Turkey?" Real world problem once a year; maybe twice. 

More importantly, there is no storage room for laundry needs and kitchen supplies. The new shelves will be a big help. She will also get two corner shelves over the dryer. 

This project is much easier and quicker than the cat house. Working inside on a hot Texas day helps. 

Seven L shaped shelves when all is said and done. 

Sides set in place for marking shelf locations and a better visual of the project set in that space.



The First Step. Episode #1. Yacht design, build and world travel series. You will want time to enjoy these series episodes. Traveling the world photography and narration, in this yacht, is well done. Visiting places and learning history of areas around the world that most of us will never get to travel to. I find the time watching these episodes relaxing and educational. Besides I like boats and being on the water.

I found Mike Patey quite awhile ago. An aviator, designer and builder of airplanes. This video is a perfect example of his work in advancing airplane design. I am looking forward to his flight tests. Keep an eye on him and his work. I think you will learn and enjoy.


And just like that, a chunk of July is gone. Days coming and going quickly. Heat and humidity of Texas summer is upon us. The garden has given a very good first yield along with a lot of learning.

I am not doing a second planting. We want to get in a few day trips; lunch/shopping excursions. The heat of August is a good month to minimize the need to be outside. 

Appreciate the visit this week.   


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