Sunday, July 25, 2021



A road trip with the neighbors. 

I will admit I felt and acted like a kid knowing we had a road trip at weeks end. We were going to get to play in boats on the water.

The 4 of us were going to get on a boat, cruise a river and bayou and I was going to get to play with cameras. Add lunch and who would not be look forward to this outing. 

On Friday, we wove our way to Pittsburg and headed southeast on scenic rolling countryside.  Just a little over an hour and a half to Captain Ron's dock.

A pontoon boat, seating 10-15 comfortably under an awning, was tied to the dock. 

We departed just after 10 AM and were treated to history lessons of the local area and Caddo Lake. We followed narrow waterways into the bayou witnessing an ever-changing scenery bathed in shade and sunlight.  Filmed with a GoPro 5 and an S7 cell phone camera. Edited using OpenShot. Learning.



Flinch got his name because every time he heard a noise that would make him nervous, he would start turning circles.

GREEN PEPPERS bagged and in the freezer


Pot size makes a big difference in the growth of plants. Not rocket science I know. But the above, soon to be red hot peppers, describes all of this quite well. Same seedlings from same starts. 

I planted these like this on purpose. Curiosity and for some reason, I get a kick out of growing these little hot peppers that will take the top of your head off. 

The dill is small because of the pot size also. In years past the dill I grew in larger pots were noticeably taller. Yet, I do not remember the dill this full of blooming. 


The Texas heat is upon us now. Through August. 

It was 91 yesterday with "feels like" 107 degrees. High 90's forecasted for the next 10 days. All sun. "Feels like" around 110+ degrees not out of the question.

Folks get done what has to be done by mid to late morning. Working outside in this heat is nearly impossible. For me it is impossible. Not safe. 

Thanks for the visit this week. 


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