Saturday, June 6, 2020


Big sky looking north from our rental. Covered porch, two chairs and a small table and outdoor cook stove. We are anxious to grill, but will be patient with that until we purchase a home. 

Thunderstorms. The little bird above had to take quick shelter in an instant downpour. It fluttered off in the big winds and hid under the chair for a few minutes. All in a day's bird work.

We have been doing miles and miles searching for a new home since our arrival in Texas just two weeks ago. Houses that have been on the market for months and months are no longer. In East Texas houses, may be listed for hours or a few days before selling. Many of the homes we have found on the net have an offer pending or under contract when we contact our realtor to go look at the house. The pace of home sales appears to indicate flight from large cities around the country. 

Just a year ago, homes for sale in this area would sit on the market for months. Currently, those days are over.

Covering several hundred miles daily and time spent from early morning to late afternoon has been our new normal. But it is our main job and we approach each day as if going to work.

Sleeping all night is not a problem, even with trains and a few night barks from the Great Pyrenees.

The little towns offer a lot to see. The photo above is half of a mural on a road side business in Mineola.

Pinto beans are fresh now. I have never thought of the freshness of beans in the same light as fresh seasonal fruit. But beans too are a seasonal food and early testing of cooking fresh pinto beans seems to verify the taste and quality of seasonal freshness over canned or long-term storage.

I used a slow cooker and a simple onion, garlic, bacon and bacon grease recipe. I also added half a sliced Kielbasa . Salt and pepper was added when the beans were done. I am a fan and will work on improving the whole process and other added seasonings for flavors.


Earlier this past week.

As much as I would like to stay hidden in our move, home shopping and living in the far off lands of east Texas, my wife, myself and Dallas family are in this worry and mix of civil unrest.

Also friends left behind in New Hampshire and calls from close friends in Ireland.

This is playing out in large cities across this nation and now the threat from the protesters that they are coming to the suburbs cannot be ignored

I believe there is a lack of understanding of what awaits violent protesters entering neighborhoods or back road dwellings outside the big cities. We'll see.

This ought to change the game and the rules of all of this nationwide violence.


Normal sights just off the back roads. 

This particular readiness set up is for woodpeckers.

A large wooded decks wraps this back country home.

Taking off our walking shoes is indicated. 

We were offered this rustic setting as a place to again say our vows of marriage in December.

The warmth of this location and surrounding woods oozes country living in eastern Texas. 

I saw the Massey Ferguson tractor setting back inside. I could not help but to be drawn to it. While my wife visited with our hosts, I became consumed with the red tractor. 

Running, working or parked next to a wooden lapped wall, machinery like this is one of the highest forms art to me. Looking, looking, touching, photographing and time in the presence of working history. This can be felt deep inside me and words escape to explain.

The fellow showing us around asked to see my hands. He responded, "city boy." Measured in a heart beat. I let it go because there is truth in the statement. 

Been a few years since I have been deep in building, fixing and working a property. I would drive this tractor in a heartbeat. Maybe on our next visit. 

We talked of days of old when we were both young, sitting on the fenders and riding with elders on their work tractors. 


We have been looking forward to finding these. And yes, excellent. Will always have a bag or two in the freezer. 

Large fresh fruit stand 4 minutes away.


Gotta find a fan light like this one.

Kitchen knives by Shane Stanton, Red Dog Forge, Fairfield, Tx

Heavy knives. Gladewater Knife Co. will complete the sharpening to razor sharp. 

Carbon steel and have to be maintained. 

Reasonably priced.

Kitchen art!!

Also the best custom holster and sheath store I have ever been in. Store owner will build right/left hand for any gun. 

Love knives and will return soon and feed my wantings.


Signs of this past week. HT ACE ONT June 2, 2020


A small rural town north of us. This sign says it all here in East Texas. Streets are busy with traffic. Restaurants half to full capacity and we can get a haircut like in the olden days. The gal who cut our hair said she did just fine during the shut down working her skill sets. 

The only news channel we can get here is CNN. We have watched 10 seconds so far and most of that time was spent in figuring out how to kill the sound and change the channel. 

Appreciate the visit this week. 

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