Sunday, June 14, 2020


We have been here for three weeks now, nose down and fanny up in finding a new home. This weeks post revolves around some good eats and a few photos throughout the week.

We found these a few minutes away from where we live. Available everyday until the roadside fruit stand closes in the fall after pumpkin season. Till then, this is what's for lunch as often as we dare to push the overeating of this important food group. These corn dogs are exactly what every corndog lover hopes for. Dipped in a light corn meal coating and then deep fried to perfection. The dog snaps at every bite and has flavor much better than the shorter, fatter brands.

I asked my wife if she wanted to share one more in hopes she would succumb to the moment. Nope! But I could do two of these in a long heartbeat. If I ever do, I will never ever tell. Not that I plan to. But when the the end of the world is in sight, two corn dogs will be a part of the last supper. 



The above corn dog find is but one of many such eatery finds in East Texas.

The gas station ten minutes from here has a showcase of fresh southern fried chicken, catfish and the best damn Cajun-seasoned sausages. Their freezers there are full of off brand sausages. 

The older gal touring me through the freezer showed me the pineapple infused sausage she said were by the far the best. Maybe like clam sauce on spaghetti, I will have to try it to cross that bridge. This appears to be sausage heaven just for the grilling experimentation alone.

Early this past week, we happened on a small Mexican market in Pittsburg. Inside is a gold mine of spices, fresh meats and everything ever needed for all Mexican cooking. Produce fresh and every kind of bean and rice ready for scooping into take home bags.

In the back room is a very small window eatery. Basic menu, but cooked by one man and his son taking orders waiting on folks. 

An older gentleman was sitting alone at one of the 4 tables enjoying enchiladas.  He learned the secrets of this little restaurant long ago.

Two of the best taco salads we have ever had and we took home an order of white queso dip, pico de pallo, guacamole and fresh made chips. 

This market is now one of our major go-to shopping stops. Affordable to boot.

Fried peach pie above.


I have been carrying this can opener on my key ring for a few years. Gets in the way at times, but I have been too lazy to take it off when it gets caught coming out of my pocket.

The simplicity and universality of this opener has come full circle from army and camping days. 

There are few things in life that never ever go out of style and function. 

It is worth noting that some of the places we have visited are still full tilt Covid19. 

From "waiting 6 more months" before full reopening to no mask(s) and little to no social distancing well represent the bell curve. Management decisions all. 

Two small cities away will find us in full capacity eateries with the hustle and bustle of "normal."

This photo to the left was taken the day before we left NH. 

All of our traveling over the past 3 weeks has found some degree of mask wearing from tucked under the nose, under the chin, taken off after we leave the business or removed for intelligible conversation.  

Generally speaking, the constant touching/adjusting of masks, the face and then a myriad of objects/things is common. Any understanding of collection of germs and sharing from mask wearing is lost within the population. A petri dish is a petri dish.

We have been personally addressed by only one mask wearing Nazi hell bent on bringing everyone under his verbal commands.


Cool temperatures in the high 80's and strong Texas winds mid-week. Could not resist the opportunity to try to get both flags standing  together. 

Two hundred pics in just a few minutes and one turned out. 

The world is changing fast and this will be a recurring theme from time to time. Writing (past mid week) of what is coming will quickly be old news. 

I do not know the words to hang on the downfall of large American cities succumbing to crime, looting and mandates to take a knee. Daenerys Targaryen may be coming to set us free and teach us the upside of throwing away our shackles of freedom. 

Summer is coming.

Local governments' promotion of disbanding police departments leaves a populace totally dependent upon themselves for everyday living and safety. Unpredictable moments such as these are exactly what folks, who have a prepping mind set, have been talking of for years. 

That anyone gives credence to hate, hurt, harm and destruction as a viable future is beyond my ability to grasp. Understanding it or not is time wasted. Using these last few weeks and months to finalize our ability to take care of ourselves in the after best be front and center.

In one of our little out of the way towns here in East Texas, a lone individual the other morning was holding a sign in protest; a request for "America to re-think...".  Driving by too quickly prevented me of seeing the punch line. 

My wife and I would like to think we are immune from the madness reaching us due to the expanse of the lands and being further away from maddening crowds. 


The flatness of the northern horizon from the patio deck offers spectacular sun scape's. We are currently in a span of weather forecasted with clear skies, cooler temperatures and no rain for the next 10 days. 

I appreciate the visit this week. 

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