Sunday, April 21, 2019


Left shoulder, Monday last. 

Shoulders have been deteriorating due to old age and arthritis for the past  years. A little at a time. Scheduled shoulder replacement surgery twice and have canceled twice. The doctor described the procedure - likening that to a chicken wing tear down - forever set that procedure in the WTF bin. For me!

Years ago, one of our doctors told us that stem cell therapy would replace most all joint replacements with in the next 20 years. I doubted I would live long enough back then. But one thing for sure, a replaced shoulder could never benefit from that therapy.

I have learned to live with discomfort, reduction in range of motion and zero strength at arms length. A little Ibuprofen here and more Ibuprofen there and I managed. An outdoors busy day activity ahead of me was started with a dose of three Ibuprofen. I did ok.

But time had come and after asking a lot of folks and doing more and more research, I found a stem cell therapy clinic in Portsmouth, NH. I have my PA-C, family health care provider, to thank for the research help. 

I find it interesting that many healthcare folk and physical therapists are not up to speed on this procedure or close by regenerative medicine facilities . Maybe because it is out of pocket for the patient, does not bring in patients to them and or the procedure may simply be overlooked. I think this is changing fast. I think now that the interest is there in some of these health care providers. 

The injection into the shoulder joint did not hurt. A single shot of stem cells mixed with some of my enriched blood (3cc or so total) was injected into the joint. Procedure lasted 20 seconds. My son, who stood behind me and watched the procedure, said he could see the fluid go into my shoulder joint as viewed on the screen monitor. The doctor who did this procedure, along with office staff, have skill sets that are appreciated beyond words. 

A million stem cells were injected. They double every 28 hours or so for the next six months. 1 M -2 M- 4 M- 8 M and so forth. As they do, they set to repairing and replacing cartilage in the joint. Generally speaking, stem cell therapy has a 55% to 85% success rate.

It will be a few months before I can speak to exact improvements or not. I have do's and don't over the next several months on activity and a major change in diet. Sugar is the enemy of stem cell therapy. My diet  and eating habits have to be permanent for my remaining years. I will lose weight and and that in of itself will be of great value. 

That small bag of Cheetos that use to pop up two weeks into a diet, is but a memory; a wonderful memory.

My father had a heart attack when he was around my age. The doctor told him to quit smoking or die. Dad quit smoking that day. After that he often said he would give a thousand dollars for a cigarette, but would not smoke it for a million. Perspective huh?

For me it is the similar. Either change and work improving my old age health or not.

SO, I have lived long enough to have this treatment option available to  me and associated therapies. Stem cell injection therapies are improving rapidly.

If you find that think you may be a candidate, research a top clinic in your state or nearby state. Visit the office and see for yourself if they are a fly by night facility or seriously invested in the technology and procedures. Do your home work, ask a lot of questions. They should have an already proven track record, too. 

I will know more as weeks wear on. At the end of the 6th day now; are there noticeable improvements? I think so, but these minor and simple arm movements/motions need to be repeated daily to see if, indeed, they are improved. More next post. 



I am surprised that this little bird feeder fared as well as it did.

This one has been knocked down so many times over the past years that I think it has adapted to the bears visits.



I share this for absolutely no reason other than it puts a smile on my face.


EASTER MORNING.... and a blog posted on time.  A chunklet of lamb awaits my wife's touch along with the recipe she knows. Her explanation. A string bean dish of some sort will accompany. 

Just her and me, a "Happy Easter" to each other, to friends, family and to you too.

I appreciate the visit. 

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