Sunday, April 28, 2019


If you are not a GOT fan and or been with the series from the beginning, the start of this post will be of no never mind. 

"The Things I Do For Love" titles the latest episode of Game of Thrones. The wife and I came to the series late over a couple years ago. We started from the beginning, caught up and have been invested in the story and characters ever since. There is not a lot of good entertainment "out there" these years; however, GOT is getting it right and setting a high bar. 

This most recent episode well writes and plays out families and individuals all coming together after 8 seasons and these final moments before a long dreaded battle. And as this past week has worn on, spoilers and opinions abound.  

Jenny of Oldstones Full screen and sound up. If you recognize each clip shown here, you are a fan's fan and you will enjoy this very much.



Mid-week pork rib smoker test. Marinated over night, smoked nearly 3 hours in the photo above and then individually wrapped in foil and back in the smoker for 3-4 more hours. Diet now does not afford my option of smothering these in BBQ sauce. Need to learn to make very low carb sauce.  

Best pork chops ever now made in the air fryer at least once a week. I find on sale when possible, two center cut chops for little money. We have them for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Salt and pepper only and about 11 minutes give or take depending on the thickness. I always pass a paring knife between the meat and bone in several places too. Helps in the full cooking. Quick, easy peasy and clean up the same.

I have shared here many cooking ideas as seasons change. It is time for the smoker and grill getting in our meal loops. Now instead of all those carbed up foods, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I miss em, I will be sharing low carbs. 



Apparently there is a very close by hunting trail and it could be fresh turkey breast on the table and in the freezer for him soon. No feed, they just come in and peck away in old gardens and surrounding fields. Big birds!

Check off another box for country living.


A new sound and something I have never witnessed.  

I still want one.


Mid week I awoke to early morning light, birds chirping and chirping, a slight left over rain mist, low celings on surrounding hill tops and that special fresh air that has been washed clean from over night rain. The yellow dasies on the girls final resting site is again bringing long needed color. A smile if you will. 

The driveway, having been recently swept free of sand and the yards beckon to be addressed. 


Not sure why I have had some difficulty this past week figuring out which day it is. Quite a few times I thought the day up coming was Saturday. Or Friday. This morning I am thinking it is Saturday and my wife convinces me it is Sunday. It is and my day to post. Thought I had one more day. 

But I can still find my way home when out and about and when that goes, there will be trouble in River City. But not today. Sunday? Right!!

I appreciate the visit. 

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