Monday, December 17, 2018


Several months ago, son flew his DJI Mavic Pro full-speed, low-level into the ground. He complained that there were problems after propeller replacements and next flight. He came across a friend who had taught himself drone repair, especially DJI drone repair and offered his services. Apparently, the kid knows what he is doing because after running diagnostics and some fine-tuning, son's drone was repaired and is as good as new, maybe better.

This past week, he suggested we get out of our houses (being winter and cold bound) have breakfast out and then find a place to fly. So, we did.

Photo above is his entry back to our take off position on a nearby lake. He has just completed two low-level video passes around the island shown in the photo below.

While he was doing that, from the comfort of his warm truck, I had opted to fly to altitude for a few photos and then return. Flying five minutes outside in teen temperatures cuts flight time. No finger feelings left. 

I had lost connectivity on my last flight and after new USB connecting cables and paying closer attention to proper antenna positioning on my controller, returned successfully mission accomplished. 



The kitchen here at home is a mess. That is ok, but a mess is a mess. Bagged cookies in the queue for delivery, two hand-made presents in the build and daily meals are a conglomeration of snacking from the fridge and counter tops. 

Some of my favorite times with my wife are road trips, sight-seeing, a little shopping and quiet lunch out with good food. And this past week, we also had a mission incorporated into our trip. Find gifting ideas and presents at KAF.

KAF is about an hour's drive for us through back roads into Vermont. Landscapes and hillsides spotted with left-over snow falls and cold enough outside that the car heater stays on a constant output of warmth.

If you like baking and cooking, regardless of your skill level on any of it, walking into KAF must be like walking into a chocolate factory. There are islands selling any and every kind of baked good, warm out-of-the-oven to include a breakfast and lunch menu. I was turning circles in awe and have taken break/pasta making classes. Maybe because it has been a few years since my last visit. 

There are little "kitchens" where part-time bakers are making KAF cakes, doughnuts, muffins, etc., right off the shelves. This gal who did not want her photo taken 'cause of her hair (a mess) was ok with me photographing her hands working as she prepared one of the products. She said she works three days a week and not one of those days goes by where she does not learn a half-dozen new things. Everyone I watched working there was happy at work and outgoing. 

Several working test kitchens and bread-baking bays are set alongside walls or tucked into corners. Here, the mixer of full of flour, a recipe book is open, the gal making this recipe said this one was new to her. Others were in and out of the fridge, opening, adjusting and inspecting inside ovens. 

Fresh breads lined up on one wall. 

All the wall spaces along with a myriad of islands baking goods and baking tools  are covered with baking gadgetry. 

Biscuits and sausage gravy (in my opinion) are either excellent or fall short. My bet that this breakfast item would be worth the drive.



Full screen and sound up.


Thank you for the visit this week.

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