Sunday, December 30, 2018


Waiting till the day before Christmas to find good Christmas cards is not recommended. Waiting till the day before for shopping, also not recommended. But again this year I was out wandering, searching for gifts to get my wife who already has her big gifts, wants nothing electronic, no clothing or things that glitter. I needed ideas and help. 

I have asked and she has done her best to help. She did order two things off the net for her present. I said, good get it. It is something you want and will use. I will wrap it when it comes and give it back to you Christmas morning. Sounds weird, but much better than giving something not wanted or will not be used. 

But she has proven that the only one or two small gift exchange on Christmas morning is never that. A lot of little presents for me. Socks, winter wear, "doo dads" or two, a wonderful card. Lots of little gifts. I bought into to that a few years back and said never again. All of this just two little gifts for exchange does not work. Never will. She so loves the wrapping of and giving of gifts. 

A lot of Christmas Cards come with the message where to insert a gift card. Granted there is a pre-cut spot to place the card, but how did we manage cash or gift cards before the need to have a specific place for that to go in the card. It kills the thrill of money or a gift card fall out on the floor when opening.

The photo above shows the end of the December wood pile. It looks like this worked out better than planned. Time can be measured in many ways. When wood is used as a primary/secondary source for heating a home in the winter, wood storage and planning is one way we mark the passing of time. Going into the new year ahead a few days on wood consumption.


Just happened on this young man singing. He is very good, very different and worth the few minutes to watch and listen. Stay with it. 

Marcelito Pomoy sings The Prayer. Sound up and enjoy.



Both the wife and I missed our 18th anniversary. For me this stems from a notion that there is an event to plan for; maybe a week or so away and that I still have plenty of time to plan, shop and purchase. Our anniversary has never been a big "doing something" or "gifting something" for both of us. A day out on the road with a good lunch and saying "happy anniversary and I love you" is all we both seem to need. Add a nice card. It is not that we do not appreciate our years of marriage and the recognition of time. Our anniversary gets caught up between holidays and just maybe a quite recognition w/o more gifting has become a peaceful norm. A gift in of itself. The time I think I had to get "things" done before this years anniversary, vanished in thin air. 

At breakfast this past week, I popped my head around to look at the calendar on the fridge and asked my wife what she might want to do for our anniversary. It appeared that we had both missed it by one day doing other things. Seems like lots of "things" around this time of the holiday season and year end that need attending to. 

So a late card will be in order. An official lunch out. A local road trip. Maybe even a small gift with a post happy anniversary attached. And maybe not. 

These have been a great 18 years. Adventure, travel, gathering of the best friends in the world, family close by, golden retriever dogs and a couple barn cats. Life in the woods, far removed. A lot of good time being together and living. It does not get any better for me. I do not need a gift to cement the recognition and appreciation of grand moments. Just time with my wife doing anything, anywhere. 

"Happy anniversary honey, I love  you."


If you are not a Yanni fan, give this some time to appreciate Van Johnson singing Love is All and appreciate the musicians brought together for this concert. 

Lead Violin Karen Briggs      Renegade 
with Pedro Eustache on Bamboo Sax and Doodook

I have watched this video album several times over years past and have never ever tired of the music and performances. Karen Briggs is a exceptional musician as is Pedro Eustache on the Sax. 

See the credits at the end of this song. 



Goodness sakes no no no. If ever there was a year not to regurgitate much of what has happened, this past year would rank very high on my scales. Let this year pass. Tucking away many lessons learned. I fear they will all be needed starting next week.

My blog is picking up more readers. How and why I do not know. Statistics on this sight indicates over 600 hits this past month and seems consistent. 

I do not think I have shared any grandiose ideas nor life revelations over the past couple years. I chat and talk of a very small window of living a life.  Some food stuff, always fire wood stuff, dogs and cats, getting older, photography, flying drones and moving around on a spec of geological dust on our planet. Some opinions but not life-changing nor intent for my readers to see as I see. In a large sense for me, all of this is selfish for reasons to often clear the cob webs of an ever-changing world. That you come here from time to time and visit is appreciated, never taken lightly or for granted.  

So to all of you, from the far corners of this world to include "unknown regions" who come to visit, "Thanks!" I include all of you in my New Year's wish.

"I wish for all of us good health. My parents always said that if you have your health you have everything. I wish life and times of old, simple ways of living. This is naive, but I wish. 

I wish you and I pleasantries in passing. I wish for all of us to see the good side of life and people. I wish for more laughter, hugging of good friends, family and love from family dogs and pets.

I wish for God to hear all of our prayers and for God to know he is not forgotten. He lives alive and well in the deepest recesses of all of our beings. Maybe his visibility is clouded due to the times we live in, but he is there doing what God does. These clouds will lift in the hearts of all people. I  wish you and I get to witness that miracle.

See you again in the New Year.

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