Sunday, December 23, 2018


Oven baked at 425 for a half hour or so. 
No mess, no fuss but takes more time. 
Planning ahead, it can be what's for breakfast



Tis the week before and I am waiting for the spirit of Christmas. We have been out shopping, making a few gifts and baking cookies galore. But that Christmas spirit has yet to arrive for me.

The spirit usually sets in around the 23rd or 24th. It will not be a white Christmas this year. Rather, snowy, spotted landscapes, icy driveway, grey skies, shades of cold cold, oh, and this morning before publishing, the weatherman talks of a lot of sunshine. A Christmas for a good book, fire set and snugs to curl up in on the couch. Maybe a few feel good Christmas stories from the Hallmark channel to break up the days. 

It will be prime rib for Christmas dinner with close family and presents shared. Then our anniversary a few days after, followed by the new year and our annual lobster  dinner. Just her and me with 4 large lobsters cooked fresh from our local market.  Two small bowls of warm butter and yumming. Ending the year and starting the new year the lobster way!!

As wonderful all the good eats are this month, I am already looking forward to down-sizing and eating simply and sensibly.



The History Channel just completed a series on going to Mars while interjecting current technology, philosophy and willingness to go there. "In our life time" according to Elon Musk. 

If the storyline presented by The History Channel of our near future of exploring, living on and inhabiting Mars is any indication of exactly what that would look like, I will say that their presentation lacked greatly in hope and excitement for the experience. I might even surmise that the group of folks and corporations going to Mars (as depicted by the HC) take with them a lot of the worst of humanity. The political complexity and mad corporate desire to turn a dollar out weighed the idea of permanently expanding the human species  for all the right reasons. Sad!! Not a great sell. 

The upside of watching this mini series was the hour programs ahead of the episodes. The one about Elon Musk, the success of Falcon Heavy lift rocket and the technology to bring back, land and reuse rocket engines. Turns a 60 million dollar rocket launch into a $60,000 rocket launch. Watching them launch his Tesla into orbit (it was a test flight to successfully launch a pay load) was a treat.

We are heading back into space now because of private money and the desire of folks to do so. 

Keep an eye out in 2019 for further flights. 

Another video that proceeded the last episode on History Channel of Mars, was The Challenger Disaster: The Lost Tapes.  

I wondered while I watched if the youth of today have any idea how our country and world eagerly watched Christa McAuliffe's journey and the flight of the Space Shuttle Challenger. 

That moment in our history tore at the fabric of our nation. Do the youth of today have any real idea of the greatness of so many people who have gone before them and the contributions to the building of this country? I hope so, but I also doubt it given the social poisons we are currently living in.

"and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God."  

If ever our country needed a President of the United States to speak to and for all of us, President Reagan did just that when we needed it the most.


The Ocean Maker       A very good short film


DJI Mavic  Pro Drone Night Flight Test Photography


It seems we have had every kind of weather imaginable here. Single-digit temperatures and teens at night with the days no warmer than the 20's and 30's. Yesterday morning awoke to 50 degrees with temperatures down to freezing by bedtime. 

The driveway has gone from dangerous to walk on to all melted away as this past week ran on. 

Some help throwing down sand and salt by an optimistic sand man on the shortest day of the year. A sense of humor is always appreciated.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas 2018. Thanks for the visit this week.

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