Sunday, November 25, 2018


Early morning, early in the Thanksgiving week, a second light snow fall sets a winter mood for this holiday week. The turkey comes out of the freezer this morning and set for thawing by her. She is in charge of the all Thanksgiving dinner. I sit, observe over the next few days and visit as she prepares the full meal. 

What is different this year is it is just her and me and a large turkey. She says she does not know how to make a small turkey dinner. More than anything, I believe that she does not want to. Something will be lost if she is not up before dawn "fixin" and a "makin." How could we ever spend a Thanksgiving Day not getting the home ready, the table set and the meal cooked? How could we not have that moment when all are around the table (even if it is just her and I) saying thanks and seeing it all come together. I do not know if we can give that up until it is no longer possible. I, for one, absolutely need/want that plate of Thanksgiving smothered in gravy. 

If you have never seen this Thanksgiving clip from Everyone Loves Raymond, then enjoy. Even if you have, you still cannot help but laugh again. 

It is what's for breakfast, Thanksgiving morning when no guests are expected. I can cut into that fresh baked pumpkin pie and add "a little whipping cream." 

We ventured out on Black Friday and was able to get through three hours of some shopping. We did not step into the busy cities or malls. Knew better!

Her went into a specialty store for some specific do-dads only to find several dozen folks waiting in line and just one cashier. I want to say I am surprised but no. Not much adds up nor makes sense anywhere these days. 

I spent some time in a local book store, but found nothing of interest. Not there are not good books and new books that may interest me. I am not a good shopper when it comes to this. Maybe too much to chose from. I need a good suggestion or two. Adventure? Underdog wins? Her has all the classics and I should just belly up, pick one and work through it. 

Last of the warmed up turkey this Saturday morning and have officially run out of gravy. Saved the remaining white meat for sandwiches and the mashed potatoes for frying with eggs in the morning. 

Pot of soup has been made and several containers already frozen. Thanksgiving has run its course this season in the food department. 


Christmas, wedding anniversary and New Year's around the corner. In that order. What for her for the first two: New Years is always a few freshly steamed lobsters and an old movie. Then winter remains until a season changes as we again look forward to all the next three seasons bring. Full circle over and over and that is OK with us. 

I have purposely left out the nagging parts of me in this post for the crazy world. I am, in fact,trying to figure a path that keeps me away from all public TV broadcasting. Maybe a little FOX news, but even they are drinking the Kool -Aid and skirting full stories. I will keep to my blog lists; skim headlines and stop from time to time when one of the best ones catches my fancy. 

Son suggested I need a project. "Build a model dad. We talked of having RC gliders ready to fly come spring." True, but my office is one of the rooms where we keep the door closed to help keep the core of the home warm during winter. Not motivated to work in a cold room. 

I do not want to mess up part of that living space with a small table and model. But I need to find an activity that keeps my daily interest.


Easy weather week ahead here, some shopping with her and me on the local roads. 

Enjoy the days ahead. The new year may prove to be rough and tumble. 

Thanks for stopping in this week.  


Wow, just wow. There are extremely talented people out there. Maybe, just maybe eleven and twelve minute home made movies are the wave of the future of entertainment. How many movies have you watched where the first minute grabs you, will not let go and holds you till the very end? How many?

Turn up the sound, sit back and enjoy.

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