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SMITH AND WESSON        .22 LONG RIFLE     MODEL 34-1    

Serial number indicates early 1970's year of manufacture

I am personally a fan of revolvers and know the pro and con arguments for owning and shooting them. This gun holds 6 rounds and whether it is used for plinking, small game hunting or self protection, the 6 round load means the shooter must get the job done with just that. A con in many folks book, plus the .22 caliber is not widely viewed for self protection. Then again it depends on who you talk to and how this particular gun may fit into a gun owner's wants and needs. 

If there is one of these particular pistols pictured above in your family, never ever sell it. Take care of it, clean it, shoot it and hand it down when the time is right. 


* Reliability / simplicity of function and use. No muss, no fuss. Pick up the gun, point/aim at the target and pull the trigger. Do it again and again till the 6 rounds are spent. If one of the .22 cartridges does not fire, pull the trigger again. 9.9999 times out of 10, all six cartridges will fire. Choose quality ammunition and those odds go up. 

*Trigger pull is long and most often is a little harder than other hand guns minimizing an unwanted discharge in a shooting rotation. A gunsmith can polish the trigger action making it smoother. Money well spent. Spring kits are also offered to lessen the trigger pull. Always always use a qualified gunsmith.

*This particular revolver pictured above will fit most anyone's hand. It is light weight by most standards.

*A .22 caliber cartridge gives off minimal recoil making the pistol great for beginners to advanced shooters.

* .22 caliber ammunition is affordable and now readily available in any quantity wanted. 

When you visit with anyone who poo-poo's revolvers, keep this video in mind. Jerry Miculek. You can become as proficient you want to through practice. 


*Slower reloading times

*Less rounds available in one shooting rotation vs. semi-automatics. Means less firepower in a prolonged gun fight. 

*Size for conceal carry

There are many articles on the net covering revolvers vs. semi-automatic handguns. It always comes down to personal preference, comfort, fit and ability to shoot. As always, do your homework.

For this blog I shopped for .22 double action revolvers. Here are two others I found at local gun shops.


The pistol comes with a life-long manufacture guarantee. It fit my larger hands, was of medium weight compared to gun size and double-action trigger pull was reasonable as was single action. 

A good entry .22 revolver for the price. 

Another review I found on the net.



In this case, you do get what you pay for. The above revolver is far superior to the Charter Arms. At over the twice the cost, it is 10 times the pistol. My opinion. 

The pistol is solid and a little heaver. Ten rounds gives the same as most all off the shelf semi-automatic .22 caliber pistols. Being a little heavier means less recoil as the weight of the pistol absorbs some of that. 

.22 SPEED LOADER FOR THE MODEL 617 Good demo. Notice 10 out of 10 on target. 

Speed loaders are available for most all revolvers and calibers. 

Watching new shooters and not-so-new shooters try to manage semi-automatic handguns at the range always leaves me wanting. More often than not, the semi automatic pistols jam for various reasons. Biggest reason being the shooter does not fully know his/her handgun. Then I watch them twist and turn the pistol wondering what to do. Out of 10, out-of-the-box pistol shooters I watch, 5 will have issues that most always need someone else to intervene to clear and make the gun ready to shoot.  

Everything from ammunition choice, not properly cleaning the gun, a loose grip or improperly loaded and/or inserted magazine, the stoppage of a shooting rotation due to gun malfunction can be life-threatening. It also presents a safety factor to shooters that do not know how to clear a stoppage. All of this can be cleared up through good education and a shooter willingness to learn, apply and practice practice practice. 

The revolver is a very good first pistol for purchase to learn shooting and be very safe in the process. The .22 caliber revolver is an affordable tool for all around safety and learning. The above Smith and Wesson model is worth the price and will forever be a keeper. 

Yes, there are other very good manufactures and models. I  arbitrarily chose the two above because the two gun shops I visited did not have the others in stock for this review. 



This past week has gone by in a blur. Elections came and went in the blink of an eye.

I care not of any of the politics today nor processing through each agonizing moment for the next two years. Much time has freed up in my head and living. Who knew!

With the help of son this past week, the "castle" on the hill is all but ready for the approaching winter season. All the leaves were removed and blown away, only to all return last night in the wind. BUT, this happens every year, I just forget about it.

The woodshed is buttoned up and yard tools, buggies and the such stowed. A half a cord of fresh cut wood still nags at me, but it is not essential for this winter. It would be though, a safety net if this turns out to be one of those winters to remember.

The snow blower is mounted on the tractor and the oil and filter are fresh. Front mount rubber chains have been pre-fitted and may be tried this season for the first time.

The driveway will be cleaned and sanded the day before first official snow fall.

Winter can arrive tomorrow full blast and we are ready. 

Not full blast last night, but a teaser of what is to come.


Cold in the office this morning. Fire on high working to get us to 70 degrees in the house. 

Stay safe, get the turkey and fixins', be thankful and I appreciate your stopping by this week.

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