Sunday, July 29, 2018


A month ago, son and I found ourselves reminiscing of the days when we hobbied boats and planes. He recalled the local town's yearly summer-in-the-park festival where we would take our RC air boats, join other boat hobbyists and play as onlookers watched. We both agreed those were fun times, building boats and playing with them in lakes and ponds. We also built many line- controlled air planes. Affordable and fun to fly. 

With his time off work this summer and my busy doing much of nothing, we decided to visit the hobby again. I stayed old-school and, of course, son has gone the extra mile. The kid has vision and talent in building and repairing anything. 

Many videos/photos from the net and articles helped in basic hull shape and scratch building design. NODDRC cad-designed air boat photo was of great help with my final hull shape. I tried to up size somewhat. Rib designs different, placements different and building materials different. CAD design versus old school scratch building. Won't know how it will run till it runs. Both approaches work just fine for RC hobby air boat  building.

Electronics are new to me so I went with advice from a local hobby store. Site listed below.  

First few ribs and major stringers set over the lofted plans. 


More ribs are added along with the curved top gunwale. Once set in place and the parts matching the drawn loft design, they were glued in place.

The chines were cut from bass boards left over in the downstairs wood bin. They were soaked in water for a few hours and easily bent in place until dried.  Five minute epoxy used up to the point of construction. 

The frame completed, it was pulled off the lofted drawing and represents the major components to further build on. 

Four millimeter marine plywood was used for the bottom and afterwards, I realized that if I kept using this kind of material, the weight of the boat was going to quickly become too much. Glue for this part of the build was water proof Gorilla Glue. It has a tendency to ooze in the curing process. 

One-eighth bass was used for the side of the boat. Also wet for several hours, pre-bent and then Gorilla Glue. 

The motor mount was mocked up, electric engine installed and unit set generally in place for the next stages of the build. 

I have decided to go with electric power, a 10" 4-pitch propeller and a two channel radio control. Specifics on electronics next post. 


Many compound curves to achieve his unique design minimizing surface area running on the water and some assist with air flow running under the length of the boat. Again, his plan lofted on a piece of wood and ribs preset in place. 

Compound bends starting to show with the major center stringers set up and three ribs in place. 

Two major stringers detail. 

Major pieces set on top of lofted design.

More ribs and stringers in place and first final gluing. He is using thin CA glue after the frame is set in place. This type of glue finds its way between mating parts and is strong. The final gluing of surface sheeting will complete the  over all strength of the boat. 

Major structures glued in place and all compound curves achieved.

Son is now mocking engine stand and rudder design. Sheeting the bottom and sides soon. He is using a 4-stroke, single piston engine turning a 14" 8-pitch propeller.

He is kicking my ass in all aspects of design and building. I am soooooo ok with that!! 

More progress through completion and first runs to follow over this next month. 

A lot of help and supplies for both of our builds from ABC RC & Hobbies in Windham, NH.



**Good story of surfer kid out of South Africa. Great drone and Go Pro video. 

**Restoring the Rule of Law. A true story. It has happened before and chances are, considering the times we are living in, it seems ripe for history to repeat itself. 

**The Kid can dance!!

**Mr. Bojangles  One of the best performers ever and a favorite of mine. Natural talent and a great story telling through song and dance. 



Weeks of warm, wet humid weather here in New England have set local gardens into overdrive. Friends are finding much more nestled in the greens on their grounds and phone calls are inviting friends over for grab bags. 

We just set zucchini and yellow squash into the dehydrator this morning. Excellent in cold season soups and stews. Surprisingly these veggies reconstitute and taste like fresh from the store. 


Stay away from crowds and enjoy this summer and warm weather. 

Thanks for the visit this week. 

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