Sunday, July 15, 2018


Earlier this month, this little bird headed straight for me from the wood shed at full throttle. He threw on full flaps, one wing up and one wing down and picked up a lone roving black ant at my feet. The ant never knew what hit him. There was not one flight maneuver in the bird flight book that this little fellow did not accomplish on that three-second flight. 

He landed gracefully, killed the ant with a few pecks on the branch and life went on. Since then I have noticed this little guy has no interest in any of the bird food I put out for the horde here. He does though put on quite a show of picking bugs out of the air, off nearby tree branches and the ground. Gotta a keen eye and skill set. 

He is by no means under nourished. His mate (or her mate) often pair up on the same branch taking turns and then they scurry off to another location. They must have a small route they work in during the day. Regardless, when I sit down to survey the kingdom here, one or both of them show up with the same song and dance.

Surprising what goes on around us if we only take time to watch along with a little added curiosity.


I came across this video awhile back surfing drone flying videos. I think it may have been click bait, but was a great choice for learning what kind of technology is on the horizon in the field of battery powered electronics.

In all honesty, I have poo-pooed all of this electronic technology change. Cars, self-driving vehicles and in-home devices that are invasive to say the least. Add some of the advances in AI and it is quickly overwhelming. 

My ways are quickly being phased out and much faster than I realize. I really do not realize how far behind I am in many of the comings of tomorrow. I do realize though that I am not in Kansas anymore. I am but a relic of days and eras gone past. It is lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. I am getting the hell out of the way.

If the capabilities of my DJI Drone are any indicator in my quest to learn and have some fun, it is obvious to me that my getting the hell out of the way means stepping further back. I am no longer as quick as I use to be. Regardless, the youngsters in this country are in for one hell of ride and future in technology.

The video above gives some very good insight into some of the progress in battery powered possibilities. I remember some of my first electric tools too thinking they were a novelty.

After building my woodshed with all battery powered tools, I realized the convenience, light-weight and efficiency of these tools made the whole construction process easier. Tools could be taken to the top of a structure w/o electric cords attached. The power was sufficient and in those early days, several extra batteries were on a constant charge station at the work site. Easy and quick swap out kept everything running and my only new practice was putting the spent battery on the charger.

I think you will enjoy the video and demonstration near the end of the video. Battery-powered is a wave of the future.



If you are a yogurt person and tired of reading ingredient labels, try this. Simple beyond simple. Flavor marvelous and you can adjust to taste. Add any fruit in the house. Serve to guests. Enjoy as a free treat. Fool children into eating healthy.

Recipe from the net.

1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1 tbsp heavy whipping cream *3 tsp sweetener of choice (I used powdered sugar)
    vanilla or other flavoring (I used lemon)
    low carb berries
Mix cream and heavy whipping cream together. Add sweetener slowly, tasting as you go until desired taste.

My wife used a pint of sour cream and 4 TBL spoons of heavy cream and three packets of sweetener. She used vanilla flavoring to taste and fruit on hand.


I have lived long enough with the promise of this future. Now, I believe I can add this to the things I have seen in my life time. Full screen, sound up and enjoy the ride. Some promises of tomorrow are very exciting and closer today because of technology and the wanting. 


I found this wonderful video on dated July 13, 2018. There was a wonderful poem and two great photo's of a yesterday and a today with the video. 

I am a fan of good story tellers and the mediums they use. This quick video with voice overlay is powerful. More powerful for the older generations I think. I search for perspective and reasons for sharing with you. Should be a reason, but I am at a loss for the words. But this video touches deeply and I find goodness in the trip.


Take care of the home front and enjoy this summer season. Thanks for the visit.

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