Tuesday, December 26, 2017


"So, don't fly drones in freezing rain. The props gathered ice....lost its aerodynamic proprieties. Could stay flying. No damage, landed in snowy field. Propellers were covered in ice."

"Gotta test those limits."

Son is 37 and has been testing limits all of his life. Puts smiles on his face and in return, time with him is always an adventure. 

He has had his drone for months now and when he gives me a flight lesson, I take it easy and work a comfortable learning curve. I am totally hooked on this. But when he gets bored with me flying, he takes over and in seconds zooms out of sight. Makes me nervous, but I am learning. I have old habits to break and new ways of thinking to acquire. I am just not going to get there like the youngster.  

This is a photo from a trip he took this last week with his fiancee. Ugly weather day with every weather prediction but warmth and sun. 

I just know he was laughing as he picked the drone up out of the icy snow with props iced over. We will not be flying in ice rain conditions. 

Days before Christmas:

Birds disappearing into the snowy limbs and winter nesting.

Birds are out in droves at the two main feeders. Squirrels who dare to romp through the heavy snow, too, but not many. Like the little fellow pictured here, none appear undernourished. 

Dressing for snow removal is like dressing for battle-
Spiral ham from brother-in-law and scrambled eggs-
Wood stove throttle at 450 degrees-
Home nooks and corners cool to cold-
Homemade Christmas gift completed-
Nearly a dozen reports of cars on their roofs-

Tax cuts-

Not a perfect world but I/we feel real hope this season-
Good friends, very good friends-
Many many many folks saying “Merry Christmas”, smiling, happy-
857 blog hits in one day last week-
-1, -8, -9, -1, 2, -2, -6, -4, 0 & 5 degrees coming-
Stockings stuffed, cookies delivered, egg nog, tree trimmed-
Afternoon hot chocolate and good conversations-

Prayers said and prayers answered-
16 five gallons of sand and salt on the driveway-
Bunny, big cat(s), deer, moose tracks, nighttime crisscrossings-
We all know what we are getting for Christmas, for the most part-

White Christmas 2017

Around eight inches of freshly fallen Christmas day snow. Storm came through quickly and left the same way. I had it all removed by noon and Christmas dinner and opening presents hooked up on time with son and his fiancee. 

It was their first Christmas decorating their house and setting the Christmas meal. We were all like kids. Christmas music in the back ground, fresh cut and decorated tree with our presents at the base. Dinner was typical with more side dishes than were necessary but a part of setting any holiday meal for family. 

Stocking stuffer presents first then all the socks, calendars and toys. Not over the top by any means, but long moments together watching each other open presents. Giggles, OMGs and the present that put tears in my son's eyes. We knew it would and we all teared up. A homemade box from dad with a three generation hand me down family heirloom. A brass plaque telling the linage set the stage for what was inside. It was grand. Son said he knew that many old family members hands had held his gift. He was right.


Late post and will blame it on weather and the holiday. 

With Christmas behind us and a few days to re-group before the new year, I am thankful for a million things this past year. Your visits here from time to time is one of those things. 

God Bless and heads up heading into the new year.

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