Sunday, December 17, 2017


Predictions from the weather folk was 3-6 inches. We received over ten. The northern stretches of the state piled up 17 inches. Light powder which always makes for good photos just about anywhere I point the camera. 

Of course, the whole east coast was blanketed in snow several weeks ago and lots of OMG OMG snow stories. The stories are the same, just a different year. Folks are coming together and so forth. It is apparent to me now, that none of us ever came together in years past, for any reason. 

The little birds were out in droves as heavy snow fall covered a lot of their grazing area. In this sunrise photo, they were up and at it early. I cleared this feeder the night prior and topped it off for them that morning. The other feeders were empty so a town run for more suet and feeder blocks was in order. 

And these little fellows have no fear in this kind of weather. I was shooting snow over this spot for quite awhile during snow removal and they would move off and on the feeding like it was a no-never-mind. 

There is something very heartwarming to see birds hitting the feeders like fish hit a hook. They are just making a living like the rest of us and I believe appreciative of the winter help.

Drone photo of the first snow fall and a swollen creek running through it. Typical terrain and snow cover in middle New Hampshire this time of year.


Rescuing a Bunny

One dingleberry has to jump to the forefront of media to call this racism.  Just another reason why I think it is too late for all of us. The CA wild fires are tearing people lives up. Hell of a holiday season for thousands and thousands. But there has always been unsung heroes in all of the chaos this world has endured and the guy that rescued this little bunny is the heart of who we really are. The racist author of the story: NOT.

Watch the video. I think that little bunny overcame his fear of man and trusted his life to him. This video should be shared with every person we know. When you share this video with youngsters, tell them that this is really who we are.


Take time to scroll down and look at the 69 picture photo gallery. Compelling! 

Fast forward to 50 seconds and enjoy the show. 


My bet is that this service will soon be available in the USA. A little imagination and this too will become one of those "who let the Genie out of the box?" social malfunctions. 


A feel-good video.

A great window into technology and people helping people. I am amazed that this works. I am also refreshed at this young man and folks just like him who use and push current technology capabilities. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I say!


Stocking Stuffer Idea

Nebo Cryket  $25-$30

I have suggested (tools) here in past posts and only to the purpose for sharing something that works for me.This little flashlight is priced right and well serves me nightly and as a flashlight to have in my truck. 

Three settings. Bright spotlight, floodlight and red light. The head turns 90 degrees and the base has a magnet hold. Fits easy into my hand, pocket and on/off switch easier than the button being on the back end of a flashlight. Spot light is strong enough for all around use and would serve well as an in-your-face light at night for a deterrent.

Photos above do not do justice to the power of this little light due to early morning light and the camera flash. 

There are other flashlights for similar pricing to choose from. Some that can drill a deep hole into the back woods. But for all around "everynight" and emergency use, this little flash light deserves a spot in anyone's flashlight rack. You will wish you ordered two!


Son and fiancee are having us over for the very first time on Christmas Day for dinner. I have this big laughing going on inside of me as they are asking questions about this and questions about that and I hear some pause in their chatting indicative of "the worry" of having parents officially over for a holiday meal and gathering. Little do they know they have opened the proverbial door for the future now as this responsibility is officially passed on to them this year; forever!! 

Next year we will be asking; "What time is Thanksgiving dinner?"...or "Christmas Eve or Christmas Day at your place."  I get all warm and fuzzy at just the thoughts. 

Christmas spirit this week a must. Say it with me now, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year." 

As always, I appreciate your visit this week. Days will be longer next time we meet.

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