Sunday, August 13, 2017


Northern New Hampshire river. Photo taken by lineman hiking in and inspecting power line towers this past week.


(Winter is Coming. Words of warning and the constant need to be prepared. Comes from The Game of Thrones, Season 1, Episode 1. "Winter is coming" is  appropriate today.) 

Chest thumping, from the thrones of the world, is at an all-time high. The rising tide of headlines promoting a nuclear weapons exchange as a stand-in for problem solving, is beyond common sense understanding. Mine for sure. "We are entering the most dangerous three months in our nation's history" read one. August, September and October. Another hints that within the next two weeks: a nuclear event. When this blog is posted, there will only be a week left on that prediction. 

When the thrones' dominoes start to fall into a world warring, all predictions are a global crap shoot. No matter how this is sliced, you and I are going to know times unlike today. So, is it time for all of us to get together with family and friends to shore up our walls, fill the moats and top off the larders? What will be the trigger event(s) that put you into the seriousness of days after? What will put you into your prepped vehicle to head out of the big city a day before everyone else? What will put you and yours to the point that your daily coming/going and movements around your home go into full security mode?

Trump's recent tweets of "fire and fury" and "locked and loaded" do not set me at ease yet necessary to handle the boy king. But what the hell is the recent comment to "Invade Venezuela" because it is a mess? 

And with the ever-increasing "fear porn" reporting/commenting from media and social outlets, I am surprised we are not a nation drowning in Xanax. 

Times are serious enough now for all of us to step up our games once more and being prepared as best we can.

As much as I would like to strike a serious chord above, I just cannot resist ending this here and sharing this video.



Out of Sync

I was out of sync this past week.

While starting a day mid-week with dog heading out the door for morning dog business, I felt like my ducks were not in a row.

Younger folks can better herd their cats and align their ducks moving in the same direction. Takes youth, energy and a desire to do all of this on a daily basis. Think of the band leader in front of the orchestra with arms raised, eyes scanning the group and moving them to his/her directions. Quietly, smoothly, to thunderous when needed. But all it takes is one tuba player to trip and stumble into the band and the conductor will be up a good portion of the night getting the band ready to play the next day. Life comes with trips and stumbles. 

But nothing has tripped or stumbled here. Maybe I feel a pending duck problem and am uneasy about that.  Fall is over the horizon and it is my favorite time of the year. Cooler temperatures, no bugs, gardens coming on and harvesting daily for the next few weeks.  Fall foliage bathes the North East from north to south in glorious color. Maybe a change of seasons and passing time affecting me? Maybe the chores around the home that I am not attending to?

Behind on the wood stacking and only me to blame. 

Two cords of wood on the ground out back and in years past, all of this would already be stacked in the wood shed. Half of it also needs to be re-split for quicker drying. Her and I can no longer easily handle the larger pieces from the woodshed pile in movement to the wood stove during winter.

Home Woodshed Art 

Neighbor's full woodshed with room for some utility storage.
I like it!!



Check in with your peeps this week.  Thanks again for stopping by.

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