Sunday, May 12, 2024


 "The Bat Wing" 20 foot folding decks shredder attached to a John Deer tractor.




Followed this receipe from the net for beef short ribs.

Saturday was a beautiful day here in east Texas. Why not fire up the pellet grill?

A few minutes shy of an 8-hour cook at 250 degrees F. Covered in foil for the last hour cooking and resting for 2 hours. Salt and black pepper rub only.

The bride insisted that the BBQ sauce be heated as that is the way it is done. I have never had beef ribs like this in my life. Four ribs were more than enough for two dinners for us. And yes, we will be doing this agaln. Finding the short ribs again though?

We found these 8 lbs of ribs by chance/accident at Wally World. There were just two available and should have purchased both of them. But they are spendy and we just did not know. The beef short rib is the cut with the most meat on the bones.

There is a lot of information on the net for pellet grilling anything.  My wife said these were the best beef ribs she has ever had and she is a Texas girl. 



Prepping and epoxy gluing of keel next. Then 3/8" yellow pine deck fitting and gluing. I think I am happy with the progress. Cannot find mahogany or cherry hard wood locally and will have to settle for the yellow pine decking and staining. The local stores call these "exotic woods" and say "we do not carry these."

I have found a local seamstdress who says she can make the sails for me. 

In exchange, she indicated there is a bird house she would love to have for her backyard. Along with this pond yacht project, I will be building a "never before built" bird house design for her. 

I will be on the road this next week for taking some measurements and photos of the bird house she wants. She already has the barn wood and old tin roofing for me. Gonna be fun. Pond yacht sails for a home made bird house. Seems like a deal to me. Both projects I enjoy building.

Of course, you will get to see that project, too. 



Thunder storms and rain every few days now. The land here is soaked as we go into the hot season. We are having success growing new grass and the mowed yards are a wonderful groomed green when our bi-weekly yard work is completed. I am a good tired at night and sleep like a baby. But the geting up in the morning comes with a few aches and some soreness. Walk it off!! OK.

Found on The Feral Irishman this week. THE PYLON MEN 

Look how young men attacked their work and jobs. Look at the equipment they were using and look at the attention to the days work/job. Those were the days, my friends. THOSE WERE THE DAYS 

It has been well over 5 years now since we have had any TV news on or listened to the media like we did in the previous years. We have tried from time to time to briefly find informaion on news breaking stories, but the talking heads are all new actors and the commercials help reinforce the reasons why we cannot stomach any of it. 

I again appreciate your visit. Nothing has changed for all the advice given here for so many years. We may all soon be in times of "old school" living. Do not throw that old stuff away and put in a few more jars of peanut butter, coffee and OTC basic meds. Build trusted relationships and work on skill sets. 

Have a blessed week.





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