Sunday, May 26, 2024


20" Pond yacht sail boat first float test.

Keel epoxied in place and hull coated with thinned varnish for this test. Keel also painted with rust preventive paint. Two coats.

Top photo, float seems fine. The bottom photo has deck pinned in place, but I will go with a 3/4" western red cedar deck. Lighter in weight, also.

The bottom of the bow is shaped up and I am not sure if the bow needs some weight or if it is fine. I hate to add weight I cannot remove if I am wrong.

Generally speaking, I am happy. 

The model floats higher in the water than I had expected. Surprised at the buoyancy.



We have been in east Texas for 4 years and I cannot remember seeing yucca plants in bloom. We happened on these mid-week on an off-road excursion. 

The fields, full of these blooming plants were gorgeous and I doubt that the photos captures the grandeur and lush abundance of these indigenous plants.



Yep, that time of the season again.


Behind in posting. 

We were sent to the storm shelter last twice last week. "Tornado warning near our location, get to shelter immediately."

Takes us about a minute to move from the house to the shelter. Nasty, hard pelleting rain and a rotational radar touch down in Scroggins. Then, about an hour later, another radar rotational touchdown indicated in Purley. I looked at power outages around Scroggins and, sure enough, over a thousand outages so something happened there.

We find this wearing. Tornados are not taken lightly for obvious reasons. Stress levels are higher and at the end of our day, even more so. When I am tired, I am not a nice person. The good news is that I recognize this now and try a little harder to mitigate my pissy attitude towards things with which I do not want to deal. 

Today a 105 degree heat index. Not even June yet. High humidity along with temperatures in the low 90s drains my energy in moments. I am again reminded of all of this as this new summer season approaches.

Adjustments to long hot summer setting in. Morning passing thunderstorm just now changed lawn mowing plans and other yard chores.

Is this what it takes to sit myself down and get this post posted?


This past week: 

A good check up for her and I from the dentist's office and a good eye exam for me to boot. Our local optometrist has literally saved the deterioration of my eyesight. OTC eye health vitamins, prescription eye drops, Vitamin D with K2, lots of water every day with electrolytes and a diet full of fresh vegetables, fruits and low carb meals.  

Short version, the benefits of a healthy diet are paying off in the reports I am getting from eye scans and blood work. Numbers are improving dramatically and I am feeling much better over all. 

My optometrist and local doctors both have given me thumbs' up for following their advice and acting on the new regimen. Both say that not many patients listen to their advice for bettering personal health. But damn near dying from a saddle block embolism is a motivator. 

My optometrist offered this narrative review on Vitamin K. Not many health care professionals go out of their way to inform patients of the "whys" of taking health supplements. My eye health has stabilized and improved because of this doctors personal care and professionalism.

Side story.

An older gentleman walked into the optometrists office the day of my appointment  and of course my wife chats him up. He said he was 92 years old and tripped over tongue of the trailer attached to his lawn mower the previous night at 9 PM. Fell on the cement and hit his head/right eye and looked a little bruised. Wanted to get a check up "from the doc." He admitted that he would no longer be mowing his lawn at dusk.


Pond yacht update.

Western red cedar top deck glued on model pond yacht and stained. First coat of varnish on the top deck, but the humidity prevents further finish work for awhile.

Mast, rigging and sail making in the month of June. Progress here as of this posting.

Appreciate your visit. Have a wonderful week.



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