Sunday, March 10, 2024



The test whole chicken on the new pellet grill just rocked. Best I have ever cooked. I did put more time into the whole project which is part of the fun of outdoor grilling. My wife said that this may be one of the best chicken dinners she has ever had. Game on!!

Having a temperature probe is cheating but there is no going back ever again. No guess work on the done-ness of the chicken. Again, followed Mad Backyard YouTube video demo as a guideline.

Used mesquite packets from the local grocery store with a full TBL spoon of fajita mix. Just because that is what I had and by luck alone worked perfectly. Just under 3 hours cooking and 30 minutes resting. Meat full of juice. Butchered the carving of the whole chicken even though I had a big cutting board and proper cutlery. If I can learn this skill, future whole chickens can be shared with guests.  There is much to be said in presentation.




A few years ago, my wife started calling the above cat "your cat." She thought that I might start acting nicer to the cats if I was given some ownership. Her cat, my cat. Her cat is loving and cuddly. My cat meows often and is standoffish unless she wants something. Food, attention or a quick tickle between the ears. Both cats come when we whistle. I tried that once and now it is a "thang." 

My cat can drop off the edge of the earth on the warm cement floor of the car port. I get it. My wife will often drape a blanket over me when I melt into my chair after lunch. It is like turning out the lights for an hour. 

My cat? 



Passing thunderstorms and showers this past week. Garden soaked with this good Texas rain. Green pepper plants and cherry tomatoes will go in prepped, medium-sized pots today.



Lunch at The Bull Pen Grill and Cantina in Mt. Vernon, Texas a week ago delivered this option for me. Right on the money. What I expect from any lunch offering. Presentation spot on and stuffed full of meat all the way to the bottom of the bowl. Flavor above expectations. Check FB for more information. And stop in for lunch if you are passing through. Good eats, reasonably priced.


Tried planting carrot seeds one at a time this season. Took some time and patience. Sprinkling seeds and then thinning does not work for me. 

My grandmother's carrots were neatly spaced and in rows. Pulling long carrots from the ground and rinsing under the garden faucet was easy and natural. Her gardens gave the impression of "easy to do." I should have asked her a lot of questions with her in my early years. 

I found excellent compost under a long row of leaves at the edge of the back yard. Scraping the inch of soil under a few leaves revealed the perfect black mixture of composted mulch. I filled a small garden trailer full and refilled my compost bin. 

Opening the lid of the compost bin later in the week to access a few shovelfuls for refreshing planting bins found a half dozen wasps flying out. These are the wasps with red bodies . These are the nasty ones. We give them a wide birth. I sprayed the lid with some bug spray to deter them from nesting inside this summer.  I will continue this battle till I win, whatever it takes. I just hope survivors do not carry memories of me being the home wrecker.




A milestone I suppose. Have been averaging 8K hits a week and I still find this all amazing that an old man wishing to share some life history and stories, on a weekly basis, finds a minuscule audience from corners all over the world. 

State of the union address from the president this past week. I missed it. 

I cannot miss, though, the doubling/tripling of our groceries over this past year. Two ribeye steaks for $50. And as troubling, the quality of those steaks are well below the "good stuff." Gristle and a few strings of meat in cellophane wrapped fat. The only choice I go with now is "hell no." Pork, chicken, and fish. 

Actually, changing butchers and shopping at out of the way smaller markets is proving to offer higher quality options at lower prices.

My wife found "on sale" and fresh quality zucchini and yellow squash this past week. She did not hesitate to load up, remarking "get out the dehydrator."

Nine trays full this morning and they will be done around dinner time. Batch two tomorrow. These store well for a few years in airtight containers and come back to life in soups and stews. We have been out for a few months and it is time to take advantage of this process/availability/price.

Enough, huh? Appreciate the visit this week.


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