Monday, March 25, 2024



I found this boneless prime rib buried in the back lower corner of the freezer last week. Had forgotten about it months ago. Why not try it on the new pellet grill?

Salt, pepper and garlic cloves pushed into the top layer. First hour at 230°F, second hour at 250°F and finished at 300°F. Pulled it at 127°F internal temperature and carved at 130°F. Three and a half hours in total.

Rare and perfect for my wife. She will eat raw hamburger while patting out patties. When she says she prefers her beef rare, I know to deliver it "not done" according to my liking of medium rare. 

A success yes! But will try to sear the next one for that crisp bark and the first half inch underneath medium well.




Last year, we hired a lawn crew to help us with yard work. My wife was recovering from hip replacement and not having to worry about the extra outside summer work was a big help for me.

This year, we are doing it ourselves. Usually takes two days. The outside yard work gets us out of the house and provides plenty of exercise. Plus, we get to take our time working the yard and garden area at our leisure and the opportunity to fine-tune little things. Then, there are the moments sitting in our chairs inside the car port surveying the results of our labor.

We stopped into a larger town Home Depot this past week only to find all of the weedeaters and similar items behind locked barred cabinets. All that used to be out for the looking and inspecting, is now only available with help from an employee. 

We learned that theft is on the rise to such a degree that the only way stores can control this uptick in theft is by putting items behind locked cages. And, the new weedeater we chose was taken to the check outdesk, not left in our basket as we shopped for other items.

Seeing this first hand puts a stamp of reality on the times we are living in.



The color on this blooming canna lilly caught my eye, but trying to bring that to life here in a photo is not working. Some work in photo-editing, but the clarity and pop of the red flower is lost. And it looks different on my laptop screen compared to the other larger computer screen I use. 

While adjusting the red, I have lost the greens and then thought I best quit. And the resolutions between the two different computer screen presentations?

These blooming flowers are magnificent. Moving on.




A neighbor gal who is my wife's best friend came over Saturday morning to help plant our front gate entrance flower container. 

I parked the side-by-side inside the fence and watched these two gals get lost in the artistic world of flower arranging. And they were lost. 

"Petunias, purple fountain grass, creeping jenny, and a yellow flower they liked because it was pretty." 

The small plants were set in place, re-set and arranged countless times. I would listen to them visiting and watched the depth to which they were taken in their artistic world. Very serious, visiting and laughing. No other world existed in this timespan.

When they found the exact arrangement combination, my wife was given the duty of filling in between the flowers with small scoops of dirt. Her friend would adjust each scoop, tucking and filling with loving care. Their visiting never ceased. 

I was sent to mix more dirt for the second container. 

When completed, they both walked to the road in front of the gate, hands on hips, heads tilting and visualizing the flowers in their growth weeks and months from now. A matter of fact remark was made that any of the flowers can easily be replaced if that individual does not live up to expectations. Heads turned often to their masterpieces as they picked up tools and set the job site to completion.

I thought that guys do the same things when working on projects. Our conversations are much different but our head turning and observing a final "build or repair" is similar. We will also pull a couple chairs and quietly look at our work. Also impossible for us to keep heads turning towards our "master piece" as we clean up our tools and mess made. 

Men and women get lost in such things and it is good!



 "11 degrees and 25 mph wind." Mother nature decided to add 17" of snow a few days later.



Over this past month, I have been spending more time grazing headlines and little to no time reading content. It is all the same. Even the most outrageous seems to glance off any caring or depth of concern I have. Am I numb? 

I turn to You Tube shorts and even there go so fast that I can cover dozens of posts in a few minutes. Many of the same people doing the same thing for content. Out of a hundred sites pulled up, I stay with two or three through the full quick video. I give each video a full second to grab my attention before I click on. 

How hard some of these folks work day after day to churn out content!   

I am willing to accept the fact that "it is me." I am the problem. Because I do not get all of this is not the fault of the places I visit. I think there is a message here. 

Appreciate your visit this week. Easter coming next weekend. Plan some time with family and other folks you care about. 

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