Sunday, July 2, 2023


Stressed Winter Squash
Mid-afternoon and the winter squash display their stress from the heat of the direct sun. A quick watering and they bounce back quickly.
Has been a week of red flag heat warnings. Heat indexes from 105 to 120 degrees.
Walking from the AC in the house to the outside patio can be an instant jump in temperature as much as 45 degrees. And the heat is most noticeable in the immediate penetration through clothes. 
Standing or working (pulling string beans) in the direct sunlight lasts no more than 5 minutes for me. 
Granted, many folks work in this direct heat. They are much better prepared than I am for those longer periods. To beat the mid-afternoon heat, most everyone working outside begins the work day at sunrise. Plenty of water and rest periods are the order of these outdoor days. 
For the love of flying.

The bride and I are working our way through the MI series this week. Just finished MI-3. Each successive film ups the game on stunting. Speed flying: yep, will for sure watch his next movie.

Naturally, I had to look up more speed flying videos.   The black opening with music sets the stage, I guess. Sound up!
Purple Fountain Grass

Attractive when flowering, the color and lazy dancing in light breezes.
Twisted Vines

Two vines have joined forces for growth. Working together, their two twisted stems are stronger and both a foot taller than any of the other beans in the patch. Lessons from Mother Nature if we look.
Breakfast "Street Taco"
Link sausage, scrambled egg and garden fresh Pico de Gallo wrapped in a small flour tortilla. Yes, hundreds of ways and choices. A tasty home breakfast package.
Pico de Gallo from the garden except for the jar garlic.
Weather station is in the hanger with apparent rechargeable battery failure.  Another victim of heat and daily direct sun. Parts on order.
So, this week it is all about the heat wave in portions of Texas. We have been in the middle of all of this for a couple days or just miles outside of of the red zones. Our traveling has been limited. Self-imposed. 
The Dodge still has brake issues and her KIA is older and we have become old folks who may worry too much. Much like the winter ice storms up north, being stranded in this Texas broil, too far from home, is not a situation we want to find ourselves in. 
This morning, as I post, the heat has mellowed into the low 90's with afternoon heat index's at a 100 degrees. Thunderstorms forecast all through this coming week and with that, lower temperatures for awhile. 
World jibber-jabber on hold.
Thanks for the visit. Nine thousand last month. Have a blessed week.


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