Sunday, July 16, 2023



We have been in and out of the heat red zones for the past several weeks in east Texas. Heat indices as high as 117 and the high humidity.

Video Here

The storms in the video above happened several weeks ago and have been followed by several quick dissipating and hard-hitting thunderstorms dumping inches of rain in an hour. Local flooding and damage is noticeable but pales in comparison to the flooding in Vermont (example). That being said, local crews here  are still cleaning up, rebuilding power lines and town infrastructures. Storms leave a trail of rebuilding across the nation.

You will notice some flaws in the middle of the above video as I am trying to learn masking and key framing.  I do not fully understand how to do this and have found that pushing this i5 10th GEN lap top using Pinnacle 26 video editing, causes the program to crash. Many times.

"I need a bigger boat."

(AT Posting: We have just been put into a weather severe thunderstorm warning box with approaching and building storms from the west. Ahhhhhhhh)


Found on A video from Appalachia's Homestead, A Rich Man's War that video here. Hard to watch (must though); from the heart.

She followed the above video with this video on some thoughts of home prices in east Tennessee.

The recent call up of troops is more than concerning. I cannot imagine what these families are going through in these tenuous times we live in.

God bless us all in the days ahead.


PUDDING PIES "What's in your fridge?"

Banana cream pudding, graham cracker crumb crust and leftover raspberries. So easy and quick. Tried chocolate pudding and it failed on every level. Sticking with banana and vanilla puddings. One pie lasts three days and a real treat during this hot summer days.


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