Sunday, May 28, 2023



A fellow classmate graduating with the WORWAC class of 66-17. A close friend who is always remembered and honored this day. "You are not forgotten, Arnie."

Your friendship, your antics, your zest for living life and stories still close to my heart. I'd never ever seen a fellow catch a can of cold beer thrown from a convertible at 60 mph while riding a Honda motorcycle. Yes, we were crazy, admittedly so. We were all going to Vietnam. Love ya, brother!!


Phan Thiet, South Vietnam 1967

Always had my camera in hand. Every kind of airplane and helicopter imaginable were always coming and going from the small airport where we were operating out of. This A1E has always been a favorite of mine. I would run to the runway to capture photos of these when ever I heard or saw one circling for a landing. Ohhhh how I would love a ride!!


Onions drying inside the carport.

Second sharing from neighbors harvesting yellow squash

Squash Casserole

*Brown 1lb. Jimmy Dean sausage. Drain/set aside.

*Saute 1/2 large onion and 6/7 sliced yellow squash.

*In large bowl, beat 3 eggs and one cup of milk.

*Add one cup+ shredded cheese and stir in.

*Add squash and onions, fold in. 

*Add sausage, stir/fold in.

*Pour into large Pyrex baking dish, spread evenly.

*Cover with French's fried Onions. 350 degrees/50 minutes in oven.

*Let set 5 minutes. Eat


Warming now in East Texas. Gardens producing, first cutting and bailing of hay. Talk of another hot summer on the way. 

Appreciate the visit.

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