Monday, April 10, 2023


 Hints of the summer to come.


The upside of this past week were the 5 pounds of Gulf shrimp and half gallon of fresh shucked oysters our neighbors brought back from their trip to Kemah, Texas. They drive down a couple times a year for fresh seafood eats. 

They also haul back fresh sea food for family and friends.

Shrimp Fettuccine, garlic, butter, fresh parsley from the garden was for dinner that night. The remainder of the shrimp were frozen.


Three repeat dinners for my wife and me with the above photo being one helping. Oysters are small.

 Neighbor also fried up a batch.


The downside of this past week was the message left on my phone Wednesday morning. "This is the hospital calling to let you know your wife has taken a fall and is in the ER." She had a doctor's appointment that morning at his hospital office. 

I called back, confirmed and told them to tell her that her husband was on his way.

I did quite a bit of praying for the injuries to be something we can manage to full recovery. 

I arrived at the ER and they escorted me to her room.

Strapped to a back board, neck in a brace, face, jaw, mouth swollen and blood dripping from the lower left corner of her mouth. Face bruised and swollen. Complaining of pain and being immobilized. The best she could do was whisper from the right side of her mouth. Beth Dutton would have been envious.

All of the X-rays had been completed by the time I arrived and was told that the doctor was awaiting the results. Initial indications were no head, neck injuries. She was taken off the back board and raised to a half sitting position in the bed. 

Apparently, after receiving an excellent report from her hip replacement doctor and she fell going out the door of his office. Face plant. The doctor was immediately attending to her, checking for injuries to her newly replaced hip. All ok. 

Come to find out, as the morning progressed, she told me she remembers her face being on top of her left hand after she hit the ground. Instinctively, she had placed her left palm of her hand over the side of her left cheek before landing. In doing so, it did sacrifice her hand and arm in trying to minimize damage to her head in the fall. Much like the way we raise our arms to protect ourselves from sudden things coming at us. 

Two broken fingers, not displaced.  Fractured wrist, not displaced. Bruised ribs, cut lip and minor chipping of a few teeth. Lucky? You bet!!

Good news. Nurses wrapped her fingers in a splint and put her arm, wrist and hand in a temporary soft cast. We left the hospital a little after noon. Generally happy with the acceptable injuries given the potential for what could have been. 

After 5 days, she is on the mend.  Soft foods for these first two weeks. Hard cast will be "installed" Thursday.

I told her this morning as she walked across the living room that she "is a living example of her body surviving physical abuse."

"At my age, too" she replied. 


 RONNIE and JON BOY New Border Collie puppies in the neighborhood. 


Appreciate the visit. Have a blessed week.


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