Monday, April 17, 2023

AN APRIL DAY IN EAST TEXAS (video)  (video link)


A pleasant week in east Texas. Temperatures into the mid 80's, warm breezes, cool nights and gardens are springing into life. Radishes have come and gone, lettuce and spinach are ripe for the picking. Wilted salads on the tables. Sitting on afternoon porches visiting with neighbors about nothing at all.

Yards weeded and mowed after rains the weeks before. Some talk of temperatures this high this early might mean another hot hot summer. We'll see. Best to enjoy and let the seasons ahead sort it all out. 

The bride has made great strides while on injured reserve. Happier too in that she is getting around to doing some of the normal comings and goings she was use to before surgery and recent fall. Self independence is an important thing!!

We have found some good movies on Amazon Prime April movie release for our evening relaxation and enjoyment. Good watching!


Excellent true story, excellent acting. Kept us glued to our chairs the whole time. Recommend it hightly.

JESSE STONE with Tom Selleck. 

Nine movies made over the course of 10 years. We preferred to watch them in the correct order making more sense of the story line. Five of the nine are free on Prime. 

Tom Selleck has always been one of our favorite actors. Watching the series lets the viewer see him age during those years. Great videography in my opinion with every episode. And who does not love Golden Retrievers and coffee. Watch the series, you will become a fan. We did.


Sunday morning starter fluid.


Have a great week and keep on keeping on.





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