Sunday, March 12, 2023



Cell phone image. Amazing!

 "Good Morning. We are at Calabash Bay, Long Island........."

 Short Video

Just received this photo and comment from SV Airspeed.

 "The four of us went up on the fore deck last night and saw more stars and satellites than I have seen in my life. There is zero pollution so you can see absolutely everything."


Found this old 1940's FarmAll Tractor in the backyard of a local neighbor. 

It has been there for awhile. My bet there are stories long lost of this tractor and the work it accomplished. I think I will return to get a few close-up pics.



Found this short video on Bustednuckles blog site this morning. Very cute!


BOSTON LEGAL 2004 TO 2008. FIVE SEASONS. Free streaming on Amazon Prime.

We are in the middle of evening viewing these 5 seasons. We watched the series years ago and quite often have commented on some of the characters and antics. Good writing, good acting and excellent court room interactions regarding the times we lived in then.

Surprising to us, as we watch this now, is how telling the stories are to life today. These episodes presented both sides of sensitive issues. Now we are damned near forbidden to discuss any of these topics openly. Times have dramatically changed in just a few years. 

Worth your time to watch. Good comedy also. You decide.


Quiet here these past weeks. Wife is walking with the new hip. Still a few months to go before back to 100%. I am sidelined with lower back pain. 

This aging thing always was someone else's time/problem. "Those damn old people" just slow things down and all of that. Now I so better understand. We are enjoying being slowed down and not having to run run run day and night keep all the balls in the air. Besides sometimes aches and pains accompany doing those simple things.

I find this weekend that I am ambivalent towards the failures and downfalls of today's world. Seems I should have some energy to piss and moan, but I don't. 

Planting a few more potatoes today, taking my wife for a long walk, cleaning up the shop and oven-roasted pork ribs for lunch will make for a good day. Happy with all of this. You betcha!!

Thank you for the visit this week. God bless.



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