Sunday, March 26, 2023


East Texas chicken stew with Naan bread. 

Picked up a few packs of Naan bread at Sam's a week ago. Wife likes it and I have grown very fond of the flavor and simplicity of adding it to most any meal.

West neighbor did bring over several helpings of his "famous chicken soup stew."

His stew is chicken soup by any other name. But not here. Tomato based, fresh cooked chicken pieces, vegetables and broth. Maybe the stew term comes from the hot sauce he adds. 

The bowl above cleared my sinuses. The Naan bread is warmed, buttered and torn into dunking portions. It is a little messy, but good eats come with some dripping or slopping.


Sailing Airspeed.

Sights and Sounds video 

More time spent with new video editing software. 


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich   Found on The Feral Irishman

You don't know what you don't know. My bet is that you will stick with the video to the end.


FRED       Love him or hate him!!  Found on Westernrifleshooters


East Texas This Week


Smaller garden this year. Mostly potatoes, onions, herbs, toms and green peppers to start. Behind in garden care and planting, although most gardens here do not get into high gear until close to or after Easter. Always a last freeze to contend with and locals stay true to this!

We stopped in at one of the nation's chain feed stores yesterday to find out that they were selling one starter green bell pepper plant for $5.79. Local feed store had the above green bell pepper plants for a buck a piece and 6 Roma toms for $3.50.

Eighty degrees today with mid 70's forecasted for the week ahead. T-shirts and shorts are us now till November. 

First world problems for my wife and me are for her continued recovery from hip surgery and me from a lower back strain. It just takes time and the good news is a little better each day. We both voice our discontent framed in comments of some form of "dislike." 

Stages of life are best understood in the living those times of our lives.

I look at old folks through different eyes, aches and pains. It takes longer to do the simple things. Our great leader made famous the comment, "you know...the thing." Sad to say, I get it.

It is often easier for when explaining something to my wife to pause and finish with that quote. We have been together long enough now that she knows what I am trying to say anyway. I very much dislike this!!! 

I appreciate your visit this week. Keep on keeping on!!!

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