Sunday, January 16, 2022


"Leaving Key West at 05:00 with 12 knots of wind on the nose."

SV Air Speed.


Zucchini/onion/egg breakfast pancake. "Free food" from our dieting point of view. Fried in a smidgeon of bacon grease and butter. The fun part here is the flipping technique.



Her says that "they" do not make these anymore. Have to find them in some net market place and, quite often, the shipping is the same price as the used pot. She found this one nearby for a quick pick up drive and reasonable money. Appears to be brand new.

That same day this pot produced first small batch of chicken broth from chicken breasts.  Twenty six degrees here in east Texas and it is time to "get our soups on!!"

These are great cooking pots. This one will live on the stove top as part of everyday kitchen wear and be used most often for making broth soups.  

Two chicken breasts, skin on/bone in. Ninety minutes on simmer and ninety minutes setting off. Two quarts of chicken broth for soups and chicken meat for dieting eats.

One quart of broth makes two full bowls of chicken soup for lunch. Her wanted some spinach in hers, and mine above was simple shredded chicken, green onion and a splash of soy sauce. Quick comfort food on a cold Texas day. 

We are looking for another similar amber Pyrex pot that is rectangular/oval with lid to be used for oven baking/reheating meals. Refrigerator to stovetop to oven to cooling and returning to refrigerator/ then repeat, all doable in same pot is appealing. Smaller Pyrex also on the list that can be reheated in the microwave directly from the fridge. We left all of this type of cooking ware behind when we moved and miss the function and simplicity.

If you do not have a couple of these kinds of cookware, consider picking up a roasting pan and a soup pot. Some good deals still exist just for the shopping. If taken care of, they will last the rest of your life. 


TAKE A 5 MINUTE RIDE WITH TRAVIS.  Up Mt. Washington. My bet is you will take the whole trip up the mountain with him . 


BIRDS OF PASSAGE. An hour but the photography and story are magnificent. Maybe watch later when time permits. 


Lived in this beautiful state for 55 years. Many friends still there. I think about them often, but more so this week. How the people react to this will be tell tale and worthy of watching. Eastern Washington vs. Western Washington? Stay tuned.

California wants to double the taxes on the peeps living and working in that state.

How many folks from these two states are now packing up and getting the hell out?


Found this video on The Feral Irishman mid week. I think a must watch even though much of the terminology is foreign, at least to me. Maybe just watch and listen. 


Worthy of your time to read. A quickie. Will any of this ever play into your life or those close to you? 


Onion sets are already out at local feed stores. Time now to plant seeds if only I had that small green house I have been talking about. Regardless, time to start prepping the raised gardens. 

Stories of shortage around the country and from a few friends up in NH. On this day here in east Texas most all is still available. Many local small stores and markets have different supply chains and quite often are fat with basics. 

Interstates still full of truckers trucking and trains rumbling and whistling through the days and nights. Add to this local sales in some local stores this weekend. Up to 25% off everything. One time only so must take advantage!!

Winter passed through yesterday leaving a trace of rain snow. Cold winds brought feel like temperatures into the teens this weekend. February is the winter month here. Not sure that I can save the lemon trees. Cats are fat and complain of the cold as they head back into their warm beds. 

Keep planning and stocking up. Help others. Make time to share with family and friends. Good human interaction and a few laughs. Keep it alive.

Thanks for the visit. I appreciate.

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