Sunday, January 2, 2022


End of the year sun set.

The bottom has fallen out of the warm and comfortable December past. Warm days with comfortable breezes have given way to twenty degrees this morning and the need to turn on the fireplace. The new year is here and East Texas weather has started it few weeks of winter. I will get to wear my “Winter is Coming” coat a few times through February.

This new year was brought in with a “bang.” Her and I, of course, slept through it, briefly awakening to the noises of local celebration. We talk every year of joining the noisemaking and hoopla. But early bedtime always wins and there is no desire to get up when the mind and body are in full tilt rest mode. If the local celebrations were at 04:00 in the morning, we would be up and happily join in. But that is not the case nor practice.

Medium to heavy “plinking noises” ushered in this year. Maybe full magazines with folks celebrating one round at a time. No rapid fire, just deliberate single round actions lasting all of 5 minutes. Missions compete.

I thought a “happy new year” to myself, rolled over and completed one of the best nights' sleep in weeks.

The holidays are now officially over. I think many folks are as happy that all this has come and gone and “normal days are here again.”

I was not sure at this time last year about anything. And that represented the bottom rung on the ladder. I wondered about Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year.

This morning, a year later, I am stumped. I do not know how else to describe the difficulty of writing weekly without stirring the same pot of swirling worldwide stew. Rabbit holes everywhere. And who wants to read muttering hemming hawing unfinished thinking aches pains, another pot of soup on the cook and you better be ready for what is coming?

I choose to wallow awhile.


We had the talk earlier that morning. We agreed to behave. 

There was to be no digging in the mud hole. 

No sooner had we come to that understanding did she return with a smile on her face. Happy and in need of hose/soap washing. 

When I started laughing, she began to shake with happiness too.

She was a good ole girl. I sure do miss her. 

Maybe a good roll in the mud to clean out some cobwebs this new year, but do not expect photos.

Thanks for the visit. 

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